Wednesday, 11 July 2007

2nd Euro cup Sweden

First week of July was competition in Sweden in Trollforsarna. It was in the middle of nothing but nature and river were beautiful also play spot was great! After 3000km we were totally destroyed.

We came afternoon but we went to the water because there was light 24 hours so if you wanted to go to the water at midnight no problem. Thursday and Friday were competitions in boater cross and team race. We did not compete because we did not have a creek boat but we cheers for our friends Ingrid and Deb (both from wave sport team) and they did it very well. Ingrid 1st place and Deb 3th place in boater cross. Saturday was a freestyle competition. It was long day full of big moves! First started woman category. I was surprised because there were 12 women. I had pretty nice rides and went to semifinal from first place. In semifinal I changed my positions with Deb and I was 2nd and she was 1st .

Final was big fight! Every one of us wanted to win. We had three rides and with every ride positions were changed. My last ride witch I finished with nice Felix was very good but Debs ride with big air blunts was better. So Deb Piniger (GBR) won I was on 2nd place and Ingrid Schlott (GER) on 3th. I judged a man’s category. Hard work! To semifinal went 10 best. Peter win quali, semi and also final with very big score. Every his ride was full of blunts, panams, misty flips, mcnastys, switchbacks... For more results see It was long day! Qauli started at 11am and finals finished at 11pm. As a judge I sit there a whole day so I could not enjoy a party and after price giving ceremony I fall to my bed totally dead! After competition we travel home and prepare for Spain.

k1 junior man :1. Jiri Langer CZE
2.Mikael Ekström
3.Simon Ingelsten
k1 women : 1.Deborah Pinniger UK
2. Nina Halasova SVK
3. Ingrid Schlott GER
K1 men : 1. Peter Csonka SVK
2.Mikael Lantto FIN
3.Tuomas Kuronen FIN

Thank for the pictures : Jiri Langer

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Friday, 6 July 2007

Eurocup Sweden

Now we are in Sweden and practising before the competition. The wave is very nice little hard but for all tricks.Unfortunately I still don't have any pictures from wave , but the nature is so beautiful. Just the mosquito's are too many , in the night is it sick to be outside.
OK here are some pictures of the ambient.

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Thursday, 5 July 2007

nissan outdoor games - the movie clip

The movie clip from the Weisse Luschine and undefined creek , I forgot the name :)
Paddlers : almost the whole team adidas

Nissan outdoor games

This weekend we were participate at the Nissan outdoor games 2007 – one of the sickest events in this year. The course for the race and slalom was at the White Luschine river. The section was about 500m long and it was starting with the 200m long sprint than the waterfall and a section class 4 until the end.

We came there at the Thursday evening and meet with other guys from CZE whose was competing too at the games. We made some practice rides and then whole river. Perfect!!!

Next day our plan was to make some nice pictures for adidas at the river. Really nice shoots.

At Saturday we had a competition. We started with the slalom. First 10 made the finals and get second round. I and both my Czech friends were there. My ride was good and quick until the last gate but unfortunately I made a mistake and it was the end for me. Even Jacob Nemec he made the mistake too. Honza Lasko had a nice ride and he can fight for the prices next days J And we don’t know the results because we leave too early to the Sweden L

Now we are traveling for the Sweden and I hope the Czech guys kick the asses.

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Peter and Nina