Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Spring in Kuchl

Last week we had to go for Kuchl even we knew that the temperatures would not rise more than 7 degree. Over the night we had even -4 which is cold for sleeping in the car. We are very lucky that one of our sponsor ( Ateso ) helped us with the car heating which makes the sleeping very comfortable over the cold nights! The waves was working pretty late this time , they started around 12 so we had lot of time in the morning and we could wait for good temperatures, because as you can see on the picture there was freezing also in the morning and I cant say that we left the car too early. We used 2 session each day, it was awesome! Only one time Nina didn't count with freezing cold water, so she didn't wear as many clothes as she should and got supercooled. The point is when this happens to you, you need to change the clothes and quickly get some heat. She slept and cry in sleeping bag for an hour or so and she was alright. During the time we were not kayaking we was outside so we needed to keep our muscles in warm and ready for next session. I need to thanks Adidas for the awesome gear, which they support us with. The gear definitely works , keeps you warm and comfortable. So even the spring is coming very slow to middle Europe we still are able to kayak and travel in the mean time.

This friday I need to stay home because I will be tested in our National Sport center for the bio chemistry and functional sport tests. Its gone be a hard morning for sure!

Than we had plan to go for Plattling but unfortunately there is no water at all , seams that the winter wasn't very pleasant for us.

So again thanks a lot for the support which allows to work on 100% on our trainings.

Here are some pictures from Kuchl taken by Nina.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Millau - small movie clip

Here is a small movie clip how we had trainings on the slalom course in Millau.


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Millau by Nina Halasova

Our week in Millau was awesome! The weather was “kayak friendly” so we could train two times a day. The temperature during most of the days was about 10 degrees so we could sleep in the car and didn’t need accommodation. Sometimes we even ran around in short sleeves and got sunburn. Simply amazing!
The hole in which we trained in seems easier than it is. You need to push very hard to manage a trick and stick it. I think it was a very good training especially for the upcoming Championship.
On the first day we had little starting problems but the day after we were getting better. We could see the improvements in our rides. It was a very powerful hole and you need to do all the tricks fast and with 100% physical strength.
On the sixth day I took a break because my back was quite sore. It was very painful and I was not able to sleep. Saturday I paddled again but was careful not to hurt myself even more.
I discovered new skills and hope to apply them soon. We really enjoyed the training there very much and we look forward to visiting this place again.
After one week we went back home for a while to fill us up with new energy but now we are already thinking of other places to go...

See you on the water!