Tuesday, 30 June 2009

2. euro cup in Slovakia- Cunovo

Second euro cup was held in our local spot in Cunovo. We were much pleasured to welcome all Europeans paddlers here. Most of them they never were in Slovakia so we wanted to make them feel good in our small country. After rebuilding hole in winter and making the small improvements in last week the hole was ready for event. Some paddlers came in Monday right after 1.st euro cup in Plattling but most of them came during Thursday and Friday. The forecast for weekend wasn’t very good but it didn’t make us sad. After getting ready everything for event we started in Friday with free trainings. Saturday at 10 started qualifications for every category and than semifinal for men. After this we had competition- Slovak cup in kayak cross in R2. Evening every paddler went to local restaurant and party could started. Concert, cheap beer and good paddle friends and party witch ended up at the morning. At Sunday weather was better and even sun was shining! We started with C1 category, K1JM and than came my turn. My first ride was quite good, not like in final in plattling, so I became glad. Therefore I could try in my next rides for harder moves. My second ride I started with Phonics Monkey but I didn’t make it. It the last ride I tried it again and finally I made it! Than I had still some time for loop and cartwheels and in the end I scored 300points which is my record in competitions! I was really happy. 2.place took Katya Kulkova (RUS) and 3th was Lenka Borovickova (CZE). After K1W started men’s final. It was really exciting. The level between guys was really high and they showed their best. Peter knows our hole really good so his all three rides were super high scored. The Mc’nasty to both sides and also Ponics Monkey to both sides was the basic for guys to get to top three. Peter on top of it added both Tricky woo, Felix and Loop and first place was his for sure. Second best ride had James Bebbington (GBR) and third was Jan Spindler (CZE). After this thrilling final we had a kayak croos which was a big fun. Almost every freestyle paddler took part also in this competition and I can say that many of them were better than the ‘’long boat paddlers”. Every one was curious for Prize giving ceremony because no one know result before. I want say big thanks to Adidas for helping us with super cool prizes.

Thanks for the pictures to : Jan Rusnak , Matej Fabianek , Peter Smolinsky , Hanka Bubnikova

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Nina & Peter

Monday, 22 June 2009

Movie from EC Plattling

Hi here is a small movie from the Eurocup - Plattling made from the Donau TV


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

First Euro Cup in Plattling.

First Euro cup this year was held in Germany in well known hole in small town – Plattling. Almost 100 paddlers came from 13 different nations and took place in first of four Euro cups. During the whole week before competition’s week there were gathering paddlers to get the best form in hole. Me and Peter we came in Wednesday’s evening. We couldn’t come sooner because of school. Thursday morning we woke up very early at 5 o’clock. We wanted to practice but there were so many people that paddling early morning was the best solution for us. In Thursday people were still coming and Plattling was filling with kayak paddlers. We met there with our team mates Markus, Gerd and even with Shorschi. Gerd flew there all the way from Spain but unfortunately without his baggage. Airport didn’t send it with him so he needed to wait for it two days. Luckily he could borrow boat and some gear. Markus come there to fight for tickets for World championships, because Germany had there qualifications for WC. Evening before competition come Schorschi. He didn’t paddle but he was there like party maker. And he did it well. Saturday started qualification and semifinals. Water was really low that you could see the rocks on the bottom. This water level was difficult for performing the hard tricks like mc’nasty or phoenx monkey. Foam was very flushy and stick the tricks there wasn’t easy. Gerd didn’t have luck and he lost the spot after trying mc’nasty and didn’t get through semifinal and end up on 13 place. Peter had nice rides and got into final. In women category were really many good paddlers. In the final are three rides and best counts. It was quite thrilling final because girls were doing their bests. I scored in my first and second ride 0 so my last ride was the last chance to improve it. And I did it! After my last run I scored the highest score and win first euro cup in this year.Second was Jutta Kaiser(DE) and third was Maria Lindgren(SWE). Men’s final was also very interesting. Peter had perfect rides and took gold medial also. Second was Seppi Stromeier(DE) and 3th took Thomas Hinkel(DE). C1 win Markus so he made germa team and have sure place for WC. After this successful weekend we moved back to home where we prepare for next Euro Cup. This will be held in Cunovo(SVK) in our home spot so I hope to see you there.

some pictures from plattling


Monday, 15 June 2009

Graz kayak freestyle event

Two weekends ago was the kayak freestyle event in Graz again. The organization of the Graz freestyle competition was every time really good and we use to be there almost on every event. This time was is maybe the biggest number of participants, because Germany had qualification for the World championship 2009-Thun, there was also lot of Slovenian , Czech, Slovakian and of course Austrian kayakers. The competition took just one day which was really hard for the organizers and also for kayakers. The water level was quiet good for the wave , almost every trick was possible there. Sometimes I was thinking that 45 second ride is too short.

In the finals Nina had really good rides and end on the 1st position , Markus was 2nd in C1 and I was also 2nd in K1 men behind Daniel Herzig from AUT.

See the full results here.

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Thanks to originators for an awesome weekend.