Monday, 31 August 2009

Thun- majstrovstvá Sveta

Ahoj ,
Tak sme tu už týždeň, bohužial vlna moc dobrá nebývala dá sa povedať že veľa krát sme sa v nej ani nechytili. Tak teda aspoň dúfame že budeme mať dobrý puls vody. Trénujeme vačšinou po nociach tak okolo 3 ráno čo nič moc nie je. Dnes je open ceremony na námesti a zajtra sa začínajú rozjazdy K1 mužov. Držte nám teda palce nech to tu vyhráme .
Nejaké fotky pridáme postupom času.
Majte sa pekne
Peter & Nina

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Norway part 2

After two weeks in awesome country Norway it’s time to leave. We are going to south with hope for warmer weather. I think now we are ready for the worlds.

We were traing in Skjak on Euro wave. We were quite lucky that wave was working almost the whole time. Just last 2 days was too cold so the level dropped and I wasn’t able to kayak in my carbon boat without touching the bottom. The weather was almost whole time sunny and hot. Three last days went really cold, at the night almost 0 degree so we needed to pick out our winter jackts and caps.

I am writing this article while Nina is driving and looking forward to Swiss where are 30 degrees. We have one week before trainings in Thun will start. I think we will spend it just with swimming and chilling on the sun. We really need little bit of free time because this year was really hard. We spent almost whole winter in Uganda and we were paddling mostly the waves until the Eurocup and after it just waves again. So we take some days off and than in good condition straight to Thun. In Thun it will be the hardest two week in whole season but I hope it will good for us and we will bring the medals to home.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Norway part 1

About a week ago we had a discussion with Nina where to go to train for the Worlds in Thun. We was looking for the pegels all around the Europe and we couldn’t find a solution where to go. It was pretty cool that until this moment was lot of rain and some waves was working , but now there was no possibility to kayak on a wave. We actually have a small one on our whitewater course in Cunovo where is possible to do the wave tricks sometimes with lot of air but the wave is just for one trick and there is no possibility to train the landings. That’s why we just from day to day decided to go to Norway. We call to Marianne and Tyler how the water levels are. We packed all the gear food boats and went on route. The way was pretty long we start at Tuesday and came Thursday night. Waw we was so tired afterworlds. We spend all the days until now on the wave called Skjak. It is really nice wave where is almost every wave move possible . We had already several levels the best one was when the level was higher , the wave was deep and bounce. Now it dropped a bit but still a good one. It is very similar to Thun which is really awesome.
Here are some nice pictures from the way and also from the wave

See you