Friday, 25 May 2007

Chytila svoju vlnu

A ešte jeden článok tentokrát zo Šarnu
článok v Šarme...

Vyrobca vdov

Nazdar ,
tak aby sa tu stále niečo dialo a mali ste čo čítať tak tu je jeden starší článok v Plus 7 dní ako sme boli v Ugande
Výrobca vdov...

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Reklama sa hodi :)

Nazdar tu je linka na dalsi spot v TV boli sme v TA3 :)
Tu je linka
Majte sa

Link for the spot in TV

Monday, 21 May 2007

another cool weekend

This week from Thursday till Sunday me, Peter and Capko we was on small trip in Austria. Two days we was creeking and than two days we was on Kuchl wave. So, the perfect holidays!
We start on Loferschlut. It was my first time. We had really good watter level and I very like it!
Friday we went to Schwarzlofer. We never was there before so it took for us two hours to find it, but then when we find it we was very excited. It was cool creek with three waterfalls 3, 5, 7 m.
It was awesome!
and the movie from there>>>>

Saturday we went to Kuchl. In the morning water level was good, aftenoon it was rising but you could still surf. After good sesion guys wanted to go to Salzachofen, I was tired so I was just a driver and took some foto of them.

In the evening we surfed the wave again and Peter flight so height!

Peter at clean blunt

Capko making a blunt
Me trying california roll
Capko at blunt
me working on blunt
peter working on panam

Sunday we wake up totally destroyed and went surf again:)

peter at huge back panam

and his flash back

me at california roll

and peter at panam

Monday, 14 May 2007

Sport news

I was in sport news on TV JOJ .
Thank for TV JOJ
see you

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Worldchampionships Canada 2007

3 weeks ago we( Nina and myself ) went to Canada for the World championships. Tyler and Mariann was waiting on us at the Ottawa Airport. For whole trip we was staying at these place.

I need to say it was one of the nice's places of the world really beautiful.

Next day as we came , was the level six cup in Ottawa which I won and Nina was on the place 5.It was the first event in this year.

pictures from Tyler Fox

Next few days we spend some time with training on the Ottawa river ( The wave Way-Kiki really sucks ) but then we found a secrete wave called Dam wave. Pretty cool !!! But unfortunately it was running just 3 days :(

Nina - Caliroll

Me at the pan am

Nina practising helix

After we was surfing a little wave before Big Smooty. The wave was looking like little shit Europeans waves , I liked it!!! Pretty much before the end of our team training for the worlds , Marlow and other guys figure out that the wave on the river Rouge was running. We went there and it was awesome like big wave many good paddlers like Marlow , Tyler , Tanya S , Tanya F , Dustin Urban , Holcolme , Vincent D , and us.

Next day it was drooping but still the second wave was OK.

pictures from Mariann and Tyler Curtys

And the worlds? Yeah Minibus was inn , everyone did so good that it was so difficult to pick the top five.

I was still on the place 6. than for the finals on place 5. but just about 0.33 points and in final I was lucky and end on the place 2. Nina did pretty well on the qualification , first ride was very nice but than she doesn't have so much luck and she end on the place 15. The other from team SVK ( Tomas Andrassy on the place 22. , Pavel Andrassy on the place 32. , Eva Filova was on the place 28.)

pictures from Tyler Fox

picture from Tanya Faux

And that's all I am the luckiest man on the planet :)
see you

Thanks to everyone for pictures