Tuesday, 29 April 2008

9th Hungarian open championship

This year we reserved date of 26-27.4 for Hungarian freestyle event. Last year we didn’t attend it because it was in the same time when Peter was fighting for medal on World Championships. From 2 and 3 years ago we remembered this event like the best one in whole season so we were really excited to go there. Me, Peter and our good friend Vlado alias Capko we got off from Bratislava Thursday evening to get through Budapest in late hours because of traffic jams. We arrived to Miskolc, where event was held at midnight. Friday morning got up when someone was knocking on the car doors. It was the main organizer Jani. He come to welcome us and brought us a breakfast from his restaurant. Than we went check playspot. Water level was little bit higher for their local wave but ok for hole. We had a beautiful weather so whole day we were boating and sunburning. We met with others kayakers from Hungary and Slovakia and in the evening we enjoyed free dinner and free beers in Jani’s restaurant. Saturday morning it started with fun slalom.

I was the only competing women so I was competing in men’s category. There were 25 competitors.

After fun slalom was qualification of freestyle event. In the evening everyone was looking forward to dinner. It was really delicious! Roasted pig, ribs and others Hungarian foods and bears. We enjoyed party until midnight and than we tired after whole day fell to the bed (but others were still partying until 6am). Sunday was final of fun slalom and freestyle. Just 5 from slalom and freestyle went to final. I was so surprised because I got to final in both disciplines. In final in fun slalom we had two rides and best counts. I had good rides and ended up 3! So nice feeling to kick men’s ass. Second finished Hungarian paddler Bonifac and first was Peter with perfect ride without mistake. In freestyle we competed in two features. Because water got lower, the wave and also hole were working. We had two rides in wave and two rides in hole and bests one of each spot were counted. Slovakia took each medal! I was again 3th I was really delighted, 3th place in men category is for me a big honor, second was Capko and first, of course, was Peter.

Yeah he won 300 euro! We also won some nice prizes like outdoor wear and so on. After prize giving we went for free lunch to restaurant and than headed back home. We were glad that we could be there because it doesn’t disappoint us and it was really the best event of year! Any stress, awesome weather, friendly people, great meal include entry fee and free beersJ

Thanks for the pictures to Jan Novak and Jan Rusnak , here is a link for some other pictures picasaweb



Monday, 21 April 2008

Plattling - German championships 2008

This weekend, 19-20.4 had Germans qualifications for European championships and also open championships in Plattling. My and Peter, were very excited to go there because in Plattling is always good and friendly atmosphere. We came there in Thursday to have a little training before it came bussy. Friday morning it was full of cars and tents and people were still coming. We met there many friends from Germany and Czech Republic. We also met there with Markus Hummel. Saturday morning we woke up to rainy day. It started with qualifications and then semifinals.

My and Peter we were doing also judges job so it was quite hard long day for us. I had just qualification and I got 3th but Peter had quali. and also semifinal and he went every time form 1st place with big points score. Saturday evening was a kayaker’s party with beers. We were tired so we went sleep at 23 but many got to bed much more late. Sunday morning luckly it was really nice sunny weather. Whole event was held like sessions event (5kayakers, 10minutes and max 30sec rides) just in final you had 3 rides of 45sec. and best ride counts. I tried my best in final and I get 3th, second was Jutta Kaiser and 1st place win Lieke Servais from NL with really good ride. In man’s category win Peter with awesome ride! Second became Daniel Krumreich and 3th was Seppi Strohmeier. In C1 category win our college Markus.

After competition we didn’t go home because we were tired. So we stayed until Monday. Monday morning we had short kayak’s session and then we went for pizza and drove home.

See you

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Kayak coaching on Kuchl wave

The weather is again better, it is more sunny, the temperatures are still not the same as in Africa, but if you are so addict as us than you have the same filling which is pushing you too to the water. This weekend we spend in Kuchl on the best wave in our territory. The water level wasn’t that good but the thing why we was there was because I was coaching the Austrian kayak team. Couple of weeks ago Michael Stromer send me an email that he is organizing a training for them and if I would like to be the coach. For me it was really good opportunity because me and Nina we are studying faculty of sports and maybe in the future it will be something how I will earn some money. But nobody knows… We met with them in Kuchl Friday evening but me and Nina we came earlier to train.

On Saturday and Sunday we spend almost whole day on the water together and practice. It was really fun to do this job and we had a really good atmosphere.

In the evenings we had a cool party. After the lessons me and Nina, we spend there one more night and then we went to Plattling wave. Plattling is a hole spot and this year almost every competition will be in the holes. We spend there 2 more days and went back home with hoping that next day will be our white water course running.

Unfortunately it wasn’t because they are making some changes in the course. We are hoping the course will be running soon. By the way on the next weekend is in Slovakia a film festival. The place is on Kosodrevina. For more info check this web page www.paddler.sk

See you .

Peter & Nina