Saturday, 15 December 2012

Uganda update #2

So I am here almost 4 weeks training. I can say I was little bored without my Nina because this was the first time after 8 years that I wasn't with her more than 3 days! But now we are here together. Its awesome because more of my friends also arrived ! Its awesome to see all the Vajda kayaks performing on the waves!
Today we went to Jinja to make a rest day. Its hard to have a rest day on the island because you just still want to go out there and paddle. Anyway I feel little sick today so I hope its nothing very serious.
So here are few pictures from trinings.
See you

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Uganda update

The first week is gone!
We went straight to Hairy lemon to surf! We couldn't wait to get on! Well we was traveling more than 30 hours didn't sleep and came to the island at 8 just had breakfast and went out! It was awesome to surf this great waves after one year! This year the level are strange and very low. T he club wave is working almost whole day and sometime the Nile comes up in the evening but not that perfect. It doesn't mater too much because Club works really well. So our days are waking up , have a breakfast than kayak till lunch, have a rest a bit after and than kayak again. Just awesome! Now we are sitting in Jinja Nile resort enjoying the pool and good foot.
Here are some pictures from last session on The Club wave.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


At this time we used to finish our competition session but this year was special. Few weeks ago we got an invitation form Jacko Jackson from UK. He invited us to their local event in Hurley. We saw many photos and videos form this place but actually we never been there before. I was a little bit worried about the weather. November can be quite cold so I was a bit scared. We haven't paddled waves this year yet so we couldn't wait to get there and check it out. I got really tired of paddling only in holes so that was a nice chance for me. We got there a few days before the competition started. Jacko picked us up at the airport and invited us to his place for dinner with our other friends as well. He and his wife prepared a tasty food. They served eight very hungry kayakers and they did an awesome job.
The next few days we spent by training in the wave. I enjoyed it so much! I almost forget how funny it is to paddle such a good wave and gave me new energy to paddle. There were two freestyle events and some other covering events like cross and stand up paddling. Saturday we took part in final event of the UK freestyle league. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for the evening ceremony and dinner because Peter got sick and we went back in to hotel. In the evening we got text messages that we both won. Last time that Peter and me won at the same comp was a long time ago and we already started thinking there must be some kind of a curse that we never win together.
Next day Peter felt a bit better and we were ready for second competition of the weekend - the Hurley Classic. The concurrence was very strong as it wasn’t a local event anymore. I counted 10 nationalities! France, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Poland, Czech, Sweden, Slovakia and of course Great Britain. Athletes like Mathieu Dumoulin, Quim Fontane, James Bebbington or Alan Ward set up the high level of paddling. And it was a great show to watch. Peter and me reached the finals. I was a bit nervous because competing in two competitions in a row is quite a big pressure. Women finals took place first. I tried my best and waited for the results. As I mentioned before it was a stunning show to watch. It was really tough and nobody knew who is going to be the winner neither in men nor in woman category. When they announced the results and I heard my name on the first place I was very happy. But when I heard Peter’s name on the first place too I was even happier. And I don’t need to mention how happy I was when I realized that we won prize money :-) Finally we were able to be happy about a victory at the same time.
I enjoyed this weekend so much. I met so many friends I haven’t seen for while and we are happy to have those friends! Despite the fact that we are rivals in sport we are also friends. I have to thank all of my friends who helped us during this week especially Katya and James, Claire, Adam and really big thanks to Jacko who took care of us and made this event so special. It was a perfect end for our season. Next stop: Uganda :-)

Voltaic solar systems

This way we would like thanks to our new sponsor from .

We got awesome gear from them and its a pleasure to use it on our travels. We are leaving soon to Uganda and as you probably know there are big troubles to charge your notebooks, phones, tablets or other electronics.
So this time we will be prepared ad have our ultra light weight portable solar system for us, so we would be able to charge all electronics very easily.

The pack comes with the solar + battery + cover so even you don't have any sunlight but the solar battery is full you just can easily connect your device and charge! Awesome!
So thanks a lot and we cant wait to test it in the wilderness.
Here are also some videos

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

ARF cup video

Hi I made also short clip , unfortunately I didnt had time to stand behind the camera so its just a short clip.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Slovak championship 2012

Our one of the last freestyle competition took place in our home spot in Cunovo (Slovakia). It was a really hard weekend for me and Nina, because it was first time that we did organize only to of us together. Hmm ok I mean we did organized it but all our friends was helping and supported us of course. Without them it would not be so perfect as it was so If you guys read this, ‘‘Thanks a lot for help and also for taking part in the event!’’ We were trying to get there as many competitors as possible. This year we had about 90 kayakers starting during those competition days. 
At Saturday was as the first fun slalom which is something like slalom but with funny  gates like rolls or touching banners... Than next was freestyle kayak. After all the qualis and semis we had a great party coming on. 
Sunday we started with kayak cross where was 5 boaters starting at once and had to be in first 2 places to go for next round. We had probably the biggest entry for this event yet. Pavel Andrassy took the first place in the end and won the kayak cross event. Afterwards was the freestyle finals. It was an awesome friendly competition.
Here are some results.

Kayak Cross results
1. Pavel Andrassy
2. Lubo Jancek
3. Jan Jancek

1. Eva Lasko
2. Katarina Kopunova
3. Kristina Nevarilova

C1 unisex results
1. Lukas Cervinka 525
2. Jan Choutka 245
3. Vilda Klepac 230

K1 woman results
1. Eva Lasko 280
2. Nina Csonkova 280
3. Alexandra Cisarova 230

K1m results
1. Peter Csonka
2. Tomas Andrassy
3. Bartosz Czauderna

Thanks To Hanka Bubnikova for the Pictures

And some pictures from Matej Fabianek