Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lienz freestyle kayak competition

This weekend was open Austrian championships in Lienz. Week before a big fload came to Slovakia so we couldnt paddle for few days. I was really looking forward as this event is every time very good. We came to Lienz Thursday night. Friday we woke up to sunny day. It was first sunny day after long time. After first kayak session we went biking a bit and than we had second session. The hole in Lienz has changed a lot. It is completly different hole from the hole what used to be there. It is something like a wave-hole pretty funny to paddle but difficult as well. Saturday's event started after lunch. Peter still can't compete, but at least he can paddle a bit. He took the role of head jundge again and judged whole event. The prelims were by sesion system. It means you have to do as many different moves as you can. I took first place in prelims. Finals started few hours afterwards. This time it went by normal rules so you have three rides and the best one counts. I was quite unlucky in competitions before and took 2nd places only. This time I tried not to be nervous and focus only to my rides. It worked and I finally placed first! I was really happy and specialy because this time there were prize money and not only for winners but for second and third place as well. Afterwards we enjoyed awesome dinner and shared few beers with friends. Next day we stayed in Lienz and went mountain biking. Lienz has very beautiful scenery and biking there was awesome experience. We did two hours trip up to the lake and than 15 minutes down back to the car :) now we are on road again, heading to Wildalpen for few days training. After our slalom course is open we will go back home. Hopefuly water will not rise anymore and we can paddle.
See you 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


At the moment we have flood here in Slovakia so the white water course is closed and we don't have any place to paddle. Of course we did paddle the Danube river by flood. Me and Marcel we went to Vienna because there were some rumours about some flood waves over there. Unfortunately only spot we did find by kayaking 20km down the river at 10000 cms river was flooded already, so there left some small waves which were not possible to surf. However we did not find any spot to surf, but we still had lot of adrenalin from hiding from the Fireworks department. The river is closed now and we could really get troubles kayaking down.

Today I was doing also some clip editing. In winter 2012 we took part by making the movie ALL IN in High Tatras supported by Adidas. There was a movie from more sport arts for the presentation and festivals. Now after some time we can use it also for commercial, so I decided to re-edid it a little bit, add some of mine footage and make it as a short clip.
So this is the result from it

Thanks again to Quinta and Adidas for the footage I could use!

In the evening I went to wakeboard with my good friend to the lake. It was awesome , I did it for the first time and I really liked it! After 3 circles I already tried some jumps , 180's and 360's.

Awesome! So what I will do tomorrow ? I hope something really interesting like the last days !
See you soon at my first competition after the injury this year in Lienz !