Wednesday, 17 October 2012

ARF cup video

Hi I made also short clip , unfortunately I didnt had time to stand behind the camera so its just a short clip.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Slovak championship 2012

Our one of the last freestyle competition took place in our home spot in Cunovo (Slovakia). It was a really hard weekend for me and Nina, because it was first time that we did organize only to of us together. Hmm ok I mean we did organized it but all our friends was helping and supported us of course. Without them it would not be so perfect as it was so If you guys read this, ‘‘Thanks a lot for help and also for taking part in the event!’’ We were trying to get there as many competitors as possible. This year we had about 90 kayakers starting during those competition days. 
At Saturday was as the first fun slalom which is something like slalom but with funny  gates like rolls or touching banners... Than next was freestyle kayak. After all the qualis and semis we had a great party coming on. 
Sunday we started with kayak cross where was 5 boaters starting at once and had to be in first 2 places to go for next round. We had probably the biggest entry for this event yet. Pavel Andrassy took the first place in the end and won the kayak cross event. Afterwards was the freestyle finals. It was an awesome friendly competition.
Here are some results.

Kayak Cross results
1. Pavel Andrassy
2. Lubo Jancek
3. Jan Jancek

1. Eva Lasko
2. Katarina Kopunova
3. Kristina Nevarilova

C1 unisex results
1. Lukas Cervinka 525
2. Jan Choutka 245
3. Vilda Klepac 230

K1 woman results
1. Eva Lasko 280
2. Nina Csonkova 280
3. Alexandra Cisarova 230

K1m results
1. Peter Csonka
2. Tomas Andrassy
3. Bartosz Czauderna

Thanks To Hanka Bubnikova for the Pictures

And some pictures from Matej Fabianek