Wednesday, 22 August 2007

New kids boat from wavesport- Fuse 35

I was very surprised when I saw a new boat from wavesport-Fuse 35. It is small and lovely boat , I call it mini me.

I tried it in hole in our white water course Cunovo. I started with cartwheels on flat water. It was so easy! I never did so many cartwheels. In hole it was perfect. It doesn't have a big volume so I don’t need a big power for cartwheels, splitwheels and loops.

Big advantage of Fuse 35 is weight. It is very light and combination with its volume is a great. When I was looping it was like without a boat so I could flight very high.

I am a smaller paddler than average but on this boat I feel like everyone else. This is a first freestyle boat for kids or for very small paddlers from wavesport . Is a project 45 big for you? Take a fuse 35.

Till this time was on kayak scene just one kid’s boat from Jackson but now wavesport made Fuse and it can and I hope it will be a dream boat for kids. It surf and bouncy on wave very good because of spectacular carves and bottom and it’s very quickly. In hole it has a good stability in cartwheels because volume in front and on back is balanced. It is very easy to cartwheel because of cants.

I think for small children it is a great river run boat and for juniors and small seniors it is a perfect freestyle boat. I don’t know what to say more, try it and you will see.

See you on the river.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Nina's remarks about the eurocups 2007

Euro cups 2007

This year euro cups were in Austria-Lienz, Sweden-Trolforsarna and Spain-Galicia.

First in Lienz was the closest one, for us just 450km. I think that there were the most competitors. Draw hole was quite difficult but the best top of paddlers made there a great show especially mans final was very exciting. Peter won qualification, quarterfinal and also semifinal with very big score. Everyone thought that he will win but in knocked out final he took a 4th place so Simon and Seppi Strohmeiers (GER) and John Best (UK) had a opportunity to win. After a big fight Simon took 3th, Seppi 2nd and John 1st place. In woman category 3th place took Maria Lindgren (SWE), I took 2nd and first was Lenka Novotna (CZE).

Second euro cup was held in Sweden. This one was the best but very far, about 2500km. Beautiful nature, awesome wave and 24 hours light for training. Because of it eddy line wasn’t busy and you could be in wave how long you wanted. We had hot weather, just in Saturday during the competition got colder. The competition was great. Each paddler wanted to do best. We saw many air blunts, panams, pistol flips, helixis and many more… Mans final was very hard to judge because of many tricks what they did. The first was Peter with awesome ride, second was Mikael Lantto (FIN) and third was Tomas Kuronen (FIN). Woman category was also great. We tried to be as good as man so you can saw air blunts, felixis, donky flips or entry moves… First place took Deb Pinniger (UK), I took second and Ingrid Schlott third (GER).

Last one in Spain was for us 3200km. We drove there one week before and made many breaks during the way. First biggest break was in Lyon. We spend three 3 days and we wanted to stay more but we had to hurry up because we still had more than 1800km. After 2 days driving we arrived to Galicia. Fiera hole is situated under the dam so water level depends of it. Competition started in Friday with all qualifications. On Saturday was mans semifinal and all finals. Hole was quite difficult and you need power and energy to did tricks there. I got sick 2 days before competition so I didn’t have much enery for final and in knocked out final took 4th place, 3th was Maria Lindgren (SWE), 2nd was Emilly Wall (UK) and 1st was Lieke Servais (NL). Mans final won Peter, 2nd was James Bebbington (UK) and on 3th place was Jan Spindler (CZE). This competition was final of euro cups so we were very exciting who will be an overall winner of whole euro cups and we were so happy when we recognized that we won it!

Overall euro cups results:

K1 men:

1st Peter Csonka (SVK)

2nd John Best (UK)

3th Jan Spindler (CZE)

K1 women:

1st Nina Halasova (SVK)

2nd Maria Lindgren (SWE)

3th Lieke Servais (NL)

K1 junior woman:

1st Hanna Vackova (CZE)

K1 junior man:

1st Jiri Langer (CZE)

C1 :

1st Lukas Cervinka (CZE)\

best regrets Nina

Sunday, 5 August 2007

8th Championships of Slovakia

This weekend was 8th Open Championships of Slovakia in freestyle kayak. The weekend was hot and very long for the competitors and also for the organisers. Every year we have freestyle in the wave and some other competition like fun slalom and boater cross. Our play spot is looking like wave-hole and it is very difficult to do tricks there. If you make there a little mistake than wash out :)
Together we had about 134 competitors from SVK , CZE , AUT , PL and HUN. On Friday was just the trainings. On Saturday the day was starting with fun slalom and after that was premlins and semis of all categories. Nina still little sick from Spain end on the first place with looping , cleening and with felix on the end.

In the man category I end on the first place , Tomas Andrassy on the second , and Jakub Nemec on the 3th place.

On Sunday we had just the finals. First was the junior category where on the first place end Jiri Langer. In the K1 women the first place with awesome rides was Nina and in the man category I get the first place.

Thank for the pictures to Honza Lasko

Overal results:
K1 women :
1st Nina Halasova
2nd Petra Druckrova
3th Eva Filova

K1 men:
1st Peter Csonka
2nd Tomas Andrassy
3th Honza Spindler

1st Jiri Langer

more results and pictures will should be on
See you

Friday, 3 August 2007

Lyon & spain - the movie clip

It is just a small movie clip from the tripping

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Euro cup final - Spain

Our trip started when our friends from Czech Rep. pick up us in Batislava. For us is Galicia about 3000km to drive. We decided that we shout stop in Lyon for play boating. In Lyon the water levels was nice. We spend there 2 days of kayaking and making nice shoots from the wave. Enjoy the pictures...

Nina training hard

From Lyon we still had 1500 km to Galicia L. After some days of traveling we arrived to the Galicia and find the wave ( Fiera hole ). With this levels it was a nasty hole , the moves was very hard to do there. After some days of training the competition started. At Friday was the qualification for all the categories. In junior category Jirka from CZE did well and came on the 1st place. In woman category Nina was on the second and Maria from Sweden on the 1st place. In man category Jan Spindler CZE was on the second place and I was first. Next day was the semis and the finals. In the end unfortunately Nina was sick and came 4th , in the junior category Jirka came 2nd place , in the man category Jan Spindler was 3th and I was 1st. Here are some pictures how it look like ...

Nina at the competition

Me and Jan Spindler

Results euro cup final - Spain

1.Peter Csonka SVK
2.Bebbington James UK
3. Jan Spindler CZE

K1 women
1.Servais Lieke
2.Wall Emily
3. Lindgren Maria

K1 junior man
1 UK
2 Jirka Langer CZE

In the final results for the cup in man category - 1st place Peter Csonka , in woman category 1st place Nina Halasova , in junior man category 1st place Jirka Langer. ( all three with the wavesport kayaks )

Thanks to Jan Rusnak for the pictures from Lyon and also to Jirka Langer for pictures from Galicia.

See you