Sunday, 5 August 2007

8th Championships of Slovakia

This weekend was 8th Open Championships of Slovakia in freestyle kayak. The weekend was hot and very long for the competitors and also for the organisers. Every year we have freestyle in the wave and some other competition like fun slalom and boater cross. Our play spot is looking like wave-hole and it is very difficult to do tricks there. If you make there a little mistake than wash out :)
Together we had about 134 competitors from SVK , CZE , AUT , PL and HUN. On Friday was just the trainings. On Saturday the day was starting with fun slalom and after that was premlins and semis of all categories. Nina still little sick from Spain end on the first place with looping , cleening and with felix on the end.

In the man category I end on the first place , Tomas Andrassy on the second , and Jakub Nemec on the 3th place.

On Sunday we had just the finals. First was the junior category where on the first place end Jiri Langer. In the K1 women the first place with awesome rides was Nina and in the man category I get the first place.

Thank for the pictures to Honza Lasko

Overal results:
K1 women :
1st Nina Halasova
2nd Petra Druckrova
3th Eva Filova

K1 men:
1st Peter Csonka
2nd Tomas Andrassy
3th Honza Spindler

1st Jiri Langer

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