Wednesday, 22 August 2007

New kids boat from wavesport- Fuse 35

I was very surprised when I saw a new boat from wavesport-Fuse 35. It is small and lovely boat , I call it mini me.

I tried it in hole in our white water course Cunovo. I started with cartwheels on flat water. It was so easy! I never did so many cartwheels. In hole it was perfect. It doesn't have a big volume so I don’t need a big power for cartwheels, splitwheels and loops.

Big advantage of Fuse 35 is weight. It is very light and combination with its volume is a great. When I was looping it was like without a boat so I could flight very high.

I am a smaller paddler than average but on this boat I feel like everyone else. This is a first freestyle boat for kids or for very small paddlers from wavesport . Is a project 45 big for you? Take a fuse 35.

Till this time was on kayak scene just one kid’s boat from Jackson but now wavesport made Fuse and it can and I hope it will be a dream boat for kids. It surf and bouncy on wave very good because of spectacular carves and bottom and it’s very quickly. In hole it has a good stability in cartwheels because volume in front and on back is balanced. It is very easy to cartwheel because of cants.

I think for small children it is a great river run boat and for juniors and small seniors it is a perfect freestyle boat. I don’t know what to say more, try it and you will see.

See you on the river.


dominique said...

Hi Nina!
It's Dominique Gauthier from Canada, Montreal.
I would like to ask you a question about the fuse 35. Please e-mail me your e-mail! Thanks!!

Silvia Goetz said...

Hello Nina,
I would like to know, what the Project 45 is better at than the Fuse 35 even for a small paddler (since you usually use the Project 45)?
Thanks very much in advance!