Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Nejake fotky z Thunu

Ahoj takže súťaž sa už blíži , zajtra budu závodiť všetky kategórie okrem mužov K1.
Zatiaľ sa až tak toho veľa tu nedeje ... tak aspoň nejaké fotky z vlny ktorá je podotýkam presne taká na ... ako min. rok.

Peto a Nina

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

World cup no.2

The second World cup was situated in Augsburg. Me and Nina we know this wave good, we was in Augsburg many times for competitions and training. The hole is big and really powerful; it wasn’t easy to do hard tricks there and even harder to repeat the good rides. The trainings were open until Thursday and we were able to see there some pretty good rides with huge loops, maybe bigger I ever saw. On Thursday we had National trainings. We started our day with Adidas team meeting, with nice breakfast. Me and Nina we get training for 35 min together with Norway, but they didn’t come there and we had it alone in two people. After 10 min we were done and open the training for everyone to not be selfish. At the evening we had a nice Adidas dinner and then we went to sleep to be prepared fir next day. At Friday were all the qualifications except K1 woman which was good because Nina was feeling sick. After the qualification I end on the 2nd place, Steven Wright was 1st and 3rd was EJ. In C1 category: 1st Hummel Markus, 2nd Stepan Fidler , 3rd Hitzigrad Philipp. Next day started with K1 woman. For the woman category the play spot was little bit hard, but they still were doing well and some of them get more points than half of the men. On the 1st place was Ruth Gordon with awesome rides 2nd was Nina Halasova, 3rd was Devillez Marlene. Next up was quarterfinals for man. It was cut to 10 people. I end on the 1st place, second was Dustin Urban and third Krummreich Daniel. In the semifinals also in the same day Nina end on the 5th, but she still made the finals which was awesome. After the semis in men Mathieu Dumoulin was 1st , 2nd EJ , 3rd me with the same score as Simon Strohmeier. On Sunday was just finals, it was really hard competition, everyone was stress and couldn’t do the rides as they wanted. In Woman: 1st Emily Jackson with awesome MC nasty , 2nd Ruth Gordon, 3rd Lindgren Maria with the same score as Nina Halasova , 5th Devillez Marlene. In the C1 the winner was Markus Hummel , 2nd Stepan Fidler (leader of the world cup ), 3rd was Besseau Alexandre. In the man category with awesome ride end up on the first position Dustin Urban , 2nd Peter Csonka , 3rd Eric Jackson .

It was a nice event full of awesome rides.

Now we are in Thun for training ( 3rd and final event of the World cup 2008 ).

See you

Peter and Nina

Friday, 22 August 2008

World cup 2 v augsburgu.

dnes sa skončil kvalifikačný deň pre nás úspešne , odišli sa všetky kvalifikácie až na ženy. V mužoch sa mi nepodarila druhá jazda tak ako by som si predstavoval ale stále to stačilo na 2. miesto. Do štvrťfinále sa dostal BUBU , Honza Špíndler , Jirka Langer a Čúro. Z C1 sa dostali Rezník , Zoid aj Lukáš Červinka. V OC1 sa prebojoval ďalej Zoid. Takže super a držte nám palce na zajtra začínajú ženy potom muži a tak ďalej.
Majte sa

World cup no. 1

We came to Prague where the first world cup was situated about at Monday. The hole in Prague was little hard for muscles than we didn’t spent that much time in the water to stay fit. The competition started at Friday with C1 , junior categories , OC1 and than with K1 man category. There was 77 competitors for man category. I came on the 3th place Nick was 2nd and EJ was 1st. Full results are here

Next day Nina was as a first category on the start , she was training at the morning , but unfortunately she was so stress that she couldn’t do her rides like she was normally doing. She end on the place 20 L.Here are the results from the category

In the same day was also our quarterfinals and semifinals. Results for quarterfinals

Semifinals for k1 woman

Then we had a awesome semis at the night with lights , where I had really good rides and end on the first place EJ on second and Dustin on third place. Results are here

At Sunday was all finals. In C1 category went on the first place Stepan Fidler from CZE with awesome rides. Final results are here

In the man category I had a good first ride where I get the biggest score for all the competition ( 980 points ) second was Nick from Canada and third was Mat Dumoline from FRA.

It was a awesome organized event with lot of music .

Next is the second World cup in Augsburg where today starts the qualifications.

See you

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Svetovy pohar 1

Takže prvé kolo svetového pohára je už za nami...
Nina v ženách skončila na 20mieste ( stresu bolo až moc a nezadarilo sa jej). Ja som v mužoch skončil na 1.mieste , na druhom bol Nick ( CA ) 3 bol Matt Dumoline ( Fra ). Z C1 dominoval Štepán Fidler z Čiech. Takže super .
Majte sa

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Slovak championship 2008

Last weekend we had our 9th Slovak championship. Until now I was competing 7 times now. Nina was taking part 4th time now. This year we had the biggest number of competitors, we had 140 competitors for fun slalom, extreme race and freestyle. On Friday was the open training and also a big party. On Saturday was on program fun slalom, where I and Capko were on 2nd place and Jan Rusnak with Matej Fabianek on 1st place.

After that was the qualification of K1 men where I ended on the first than Jan Spindler from CZE and third was Pavel Andrassy.

In K1 women qualification Nina went on the first place with awesome rides, second was Eva Filova , third was Lenka Novotna CZE. The men categories had also semis on Saturday. There were almost the same positions like in qualification. After the competition was a big party almost until the early morning. Sunday starts with extreme race, where Pavel Andrassy was the winner.

In the finals Nina lead with every ride and won, second was Eva also from SVK, third came Lenka Novotna from CZE. In the men category, I came first second with awesome rides was Honza Spindler, third was Peter Prause.

It was an awesome weekend, now we went to Prague for the world cup.

See you.

Peter and Nina

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Training before the World cup of freestyle kayaking.

We spend this weekend in Prague, capital city of Czech rep. where the first World cup should be situated. It is about 350 km from Slovakia where I and Nina live, but we didn’t been there about 3 years. The play spot is finished now, it is a strong hole with two shoulders where is possible to make tricks for both sides.

Nina looping

Kosatka river run withot the paddle

Reznik preparing on his home playspot

Kopecek love old school

It is bit difficult but it is very sticky and if the paddler will make a mistake he probably will have another chance to finish his moves. We been training there almost alone, just with couple of Czech paddlers like Peter Prause , Jan Spindler , Petra , Reznik and some others. It was good because the playspot was just ours , and we had more space to train like one week before the WC when everyone will be there. When we was tired, we were in Zoo to chill out.

In Prague is one of the most beautiful Zoos on the World. After 3,5 hour hiking all over the Zoo we was so broken than we couldn’t go kayaking the second session at this day. What else to say. This weekend 9-10 august we have Slovak championship, it is open of course and how I said before everyone is invited. Here are some info’s .

Enjoy the pictures from the spot.

See you in Prague

Friday, 1 August 2008

European Championship 2008

European championship 2008 was held far far away- in Spain’s town Orensse, close to Portugal border. It was far almost for everyone but especially for us it was really far-3200km! Crazy way. We flew there before , but this time we arrange with our friends to go with them. They have a cool RV so traveling was quite comfortable but still it took 3 days. We come there at Friday night. Saturday we train a little, until water drop. Sunday water was low but afternoon rise it little bit and we could to go paddle. Monday started national’s trainings. We were in group with Germans, one Austrian and two Czech guys. At all we were about 25 people in the eddy and had 1 hour for training. It means that everyone made about 5 rides. Tuesday was the same. Wednesday competition started with qualification K1M and K1W. Me and Peter we did well. I ended on 2nd place and Peter on 3th. Thursday I had rest and Peter competed in squirt category. It was his first time and he didn’t compete on squirt boat but on his project. He wasn’t only one. About 5 guys joined this category on freestyle boats to help to open this category because they didn’t have enough squirt paddlers. Peter ended up on 7th place! Really nice. Friday competition continued in the morning with quarterfinal of K1M. 10 best paddler made it to semifinal. After this all categories had semifinal. I went from 1st place. I was really surprised and delighted. Saturday was the day with big D! It was day for final rides. H2H is really stressful. I leaded first and also second run where I did loops what was really difficult to stick it there and any woman did it in competition run. Then I missed it in my 3th ride and finally finished on 3th place. Querin Wegmany (NL) was 2nd and Fiona Jarvie (GBR) was 1st.

K1M final very tight. After hard fight Peter didn't had so much luck flush out at the middle of his ride and finished on 3th, Gael Kernin (FRA) on 2nd an Mathieu Dumoulin (FRA) on 1st place.

So we both brought home two bronze medals. Now they call us bronze coupleJ but I hope next time we will be gold couple!

All pictures are taken from Peter Prause , thanks a lot.

See you on WC.

Bye Nina.