Friday, 1 August 2008

European Championship 2008

European championship 2008 was held far far away- in Spain’s town Orensse, close to Portugal border. It was far almost for everyone but especially for us it was really far-3200km! Crazy way. We flew there before , but this time we arrange with our friends to go with them. They have a cool RV so traveling was quite comfortable but still it took 3 days. We come there at Friday night. Saturday we train a little, until water drop. Sunday water was low but afternoon rise it little bit and we could to go paddle. Monday started national’s trainings. We were in group with Germans, one Austrian and two Czech guys. At all we were about 25 people in the eddy and had 1 hour for training. It means that everyone made about 5 rides. Tuesday was the same. Wednesday competition started with qualification K1M and K1W. Me and Peter we did well. I ended on 2nd place and Peter on 3th. Thursday I had rest and Peter competed in squirt category. It was his first time and he didn’t compete on squirt boat but on his project. He wasn’t only one. About 5 guys joined this category on freestyle boats to help to open this category because they didn’t have enough squirt paddlers. Peter ended up on 7th place! Really nice. Friday competition continued in the morning with quarterfinal of K1M. 10 best paddler made it to semifinal. After this all categories had semifinal. I went from 1st place. I was really surprised and delighted. Saturday was the day with big D! It was day for final rides. H2H is really stressful. I leaded first and also second run where I did loops what was really difficult to stick it there and any woman did it in competition run. Then I missed it in my 3th ride and finally finished on 3th place. Querin Wegmany (NL) was 2nd and Fiona Jarvie (GBR) was 1st.

K1M final very tight. After hard fight Peter didn't had so much luck flush out at the middle of his ride and finished on 3th, Gael Kernin (FRA) on 2nd an Mathieu Dumoulin (FRA) on 1st place.

So we both brought home two bronze medals. Now they call us bronze coupleJ but I hope next time we will be gold couple!

All pictures are taken from Peter Prause , thanks a lot.

See you on WC.

Bye Nina.

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