Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Training before the World cup of freestyle kayaking.

We spend this weekend in Prague, capital city of Czech rep. where the first World cup should be situated. It is about 350 km from Slovakia where I and Nina live, but we didn’t been there about 3 years. The play spot is finished now, it is a strong hole with two shoulders where is possible to make tricks for both sides.

Nina looping

Kosatka river run withot the paddle

Reznik preparing on his home playspot

Kopecek love old school

It is bit difficult but it is very sticky and if the paddler will make a mistake he probably will have another chance to finish his moves. We been training there almost alone, just with couple of Czech paddlers like Peter Prause , Jan Spindler , Petra , Reznik and some others. It was good because the playspot was just ours , and we had more space to train like one week before the WC when everyone will be there. When we was tired, we were in Zoo to chill out.

In Prague is one of the most beautiful Zoos on the World. After 3,5 hour hiking all over the Zoo we was so broken than we couldn’t go kayaking the second session at this day. What else to say. This weekend 9-10 august we have Slovak championship, it is open of course and how I said before everyone is invited. Here are some info’s .

Enjoy the pictures from the spot.

See you in Prague

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