Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Eurocup lienz 2007 - the movie clip

1st. eurocup Lienz - Austria

The first euro cup in freestyle kayak was awesome. We spend there a week before the competition and I think we had enough trainings before. Maybe too much.

nice place to stay

The play spot was at the Drau river and it was hard to make a tricks there. After hour we was so tired.
In the qualifications in the women category Nina was little stressed and she moved from the 5th. place to the finals. I had 2 nice rides and made 1st place and Simon S. made the second.

many people in the eddy

Next day was the quarterfinal's witch I won with 644 points for one ride and it was the best score for whole competition.

The semis won Simon and in the finals Nina started with loop and clean cartwheels and made 2nd place in the first euro cup. I started with nice ride but my next one was pretty bad and felt out on the 4th place , I think i was too tired. Next time for me :). Simon end on the place 3 and Seppi place 2 , he had awesome rides and John Best was first.

By the way Vlado won 2nd place in Teva Carton race

It was a nice weekend on Issel and Drau river.
See you in Interlaken.
Peter & Nina

Sunday, 17 June 2007

jet sky action

This weekend me and Nina we was working as raft and jet sky instructors. We spend whole day in our white water course in Cunovo at 8 we started with our training and than whole day as guids.
In the and of the day was possible to play on the jet sky and we borrowed one from the rafting company Action land. My friend Brano Molnar made some pictures www.photomania.sk and he made some very nice pictures.
If I had more speed like 40km/h it was pretty bouncy

California roll after a big bounce

me and Nina playing on the jet sky

I think he made awesome pictures
thank you

Peter & Nina

Friday, 15 June 2007

Graz freestyle kayak championships 2007 - the movie

This movie is form graz just before the competetion

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Slovak championships 2007

Hi everyone
In date 4-5 august we have our Slovak championship in Cunovo white water course.
The competition is open for everyone . We hope that we will have some more country's participate. We are awaiting more than 100 paddlers. Here are some more information's about the event.poster whit more information's
how to get there and other info's playak
and kajak.at it is Fluss Donau.

The program is not yet but if you check this web site or the organiser web - geronimo.sk I am sure that the information's will be there soon.
And here is a link on a video from the competition hole click here
OK then I hope see you there.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Slovenian freestyle kayak championship

On weekend 9.6.07 was a freestyle competition in Tacen Slovenia. It is white water course, witch is a scene for different competitions mostly the slalom race's.
the course without water

This weekend was there a freestyle competition. In the course are two possibility's ( holes ) to make an event. Because of the dry year the water levels wasn't optimal and it was little shallow. The competition was in the upper hole.
With the Slovak competitors comes the Czech paddlers.
Nina doing well

enjoying the show

me at the competition

Jan Bubnik from CZE

Zoid - C1 CZE

Grazl - C1 CZE

It was a great weekend and nice party with the Slovenian people.

K1 m - 1st place Peter Csonka
2nd place Jan Bubnik
3th place SLO

K1 w - 1st Nina Halasova

C1 - 1st Jan Liska
2nd Kuba Micka

See you

Monday, 4 June 2007

World freestyle kayak championship- the movie clip

Graz freestyle kayak championships 2007

At Thursday we came to Graz to practicing little bit before the competition. The water levels were for the lower wave at the Radecky Bridge. I thing every move was possible to do, but it was difficult. Next day the water drop and the hole begin to be nasty  I liked it.

Peter loops

Nina with her low weight was flying high

Vlado practising

Than we went to the city because Graz is one of the most beautiful city's in Europe. ,,Very nice :)''

On Saturday was the event. Many nations were there like Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia and Czech rep.
Everything was perfect organized and in one day was Quali, semis and finals. The event was very hard because everyone was paddling well. In the end on lady’s category with awesome rides Nina end on the second place because she miss the loop.

In the man category the first three places was paddlers from team Wavesport which is perfect and definitely team Wavesport domains on the European scene. I think man finals were awesome to watch because there was paddling almost the best paddlers in Europe. Strohmeier bros. take the second and third place and I take the firs. It was so difficult to win because they paddling so well and the differences was so little and hard to judge. It was great to watch.

to catch an air was easy

Vlado did good as well too , he end on the nice 12th place.

K1 women
1st place Susanne Spoelmink GER
2nd place Nina Halasova SVK – team wavesport
3th place Eva Filova SVK

K1 men
1st place Peter Csonka SVK – team wavesport
2nd place Simon Strohmeier GER – team wavesport
3th place Seppi Strohmeier GER – team wavesport

ORF news movie

Now it is done and we are looking for the other competition.
See you on the river.
Peter Csonka & Nina Halasova
Team wavesport