Sunday, 10 June 2007

Slovenian freestyle kayak championship

On weekend 9.6.07 was a freestyle competition in Tacen Slovenia. It is white water course, witch is a scene for different competitions mostly the slalom race's.
the course without water

This weekend was there a freestyle competition. In the course are two possibility's ( holes ) to make an event. Because of the dry year the water levels wasn't optimal and it was little shallow. The competition was in the upper hole.
With the Slovak competitors comes the Czech paddlers.
Nina doing well

enjoying the show

me at the competition

Jan Bubnik from CZE

Zoid - C1 CZE

Grazl - C1 CZE

It was a great weekend and nice party with the Slovenian people.

K1 m - 1st place Peter Csonka
2nd place Jan Bubnik
3th place SLO

K1 w - 1st Nina Halasova

C1 - 1st Jan Liska
2nd Kuba Micka

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