Tuesday, 22 June 2010

TA3 - 21.6.,22:30 talk show

After the European championship TA3 TV .
Date 21.6. , 22:30

TA3-sport + 19:30 , 14.6.2010

Thanks to TA3 for the streaming in sports news called sport+
date : 14.6. , 19:30

Thanks to Jirka Slapak CT4 used our footage in the TV streaming for the program Vertikalny.
date: 18.8 , 16:00

European championship Lienz finals

This month was one of the hardest but also one of the best in my life.
After the World cup where Nina finished 1st and me on the 2nd place we went home. The Plattling competition was canceled because of the high water levels. If there is lot of water you can find there the big waves. Unfortunately and it was breaking my hard we couldn’t stay there for surfing because we needed to go home, because I was finishing my studies at the same time. I had just 2 days in the school to finish everything and than we left for the European championships which was situated in Lienz.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lienz - Opening ceremony

Tomorrow the Europeans are starting with categories like K1W, K1JM,OC1 , C1. So from tomorrow is the competition full on.

Lienz - The training before the Europeans

After the last World cup which was canceled we went home for few days. Nina and me we are still studying so we need to be sometimes also in school.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

World cup finished

The World cup is already over and with success for the team Vajda.
There were 2 World cup events this year, one was in Augsburg where Nina finished on the first place in woman category and Me on second place in men category. The next world cup was situated in Plattling. We arrived there at monday. The weather was bad and it was raining whole week.

Augsburg World Cup finals

This weekend was held a First event of World cups in Augsburg. Many people traveled there from all around the World. We come here in Sunday morning and started to train.

First competition day-Augsburg worldcup 2010

Hey so here are the first results from today

Quali men :

1 James Bebington (composite boat)

2. Eric Jackson

3. Peter Csonka ( composite boat)

Augsburg Worldcup

We picked up my new boat right from factory at Saturday morning and headed to Augsburg. I was so excited to try it so we stopped in Plattling. It was quite late but I needed to test it. After fixing all the things I sit to my brand new boat for first time and jumped to the hole.

Video from Trencin in TV Matkiza

Hi we had our movie clip from Trencin in TV Markiza check it out. http://tvnoviny.sk/spravy/som-reporter/rozvodnene-vlny-vahu-kajakari-prirovnavaju-k-rieke-v-zambezi.html

Movie clip from Trencin