Thursday, 18 September 2008

Movie clip from Sopotnica

Sopac from Peter Csonka on Vimeo.

Location : Sopotnica - CZE
Camera: Peter Csonka , Nina Halasova
Paddlers: Peter Csonka , Nina Halasova , Jan Spindler , Stepan Vohradsky , Zoid , Eva Filova , Petra Druckerova ...

Monday, 15 September 2008

Final race Cnawr rodeo tour Sopotnica 08

The final race in Czech cup took place in Sopotnica . This hole isn’t just normal hole on the river or in the white water course , this one is made in the small pool where the engines are pumping the water. It is so cool!

engine of the pumps

The hole

They can change the type of the wave or hole, because everything is robotic and possible to set it up right with hydraulic. Awesome! At Friday was the training, not many people were there because of their work and we had the hole just for us. The hole isn’t running whole time, because you need gas to keep it running which is little bit expensive. Lot of people came at night and had training with car lightning. Next morning started the qualification of each category. In the man category after the quali I came first Jan Spindler second and Jan Bubnik third.

Jan Bubnik is focusing before hir ride

In the woman category Nina with awesome both rides was first .

Nina doing her best

Petra flying big

In C1 category first came Lukas Cervinka with more than 1000 points.

Zoid at his ride

Jirka Langer at his job as head judge

The semis were really late at night without any sunlight. The weather was cold and nobody wanted to go kayaking but the competition needed to be done. The organizers put some cars near the playspot and switch on the lights. It was difficult to compete at this lightning but we had fun up there and enjoyed the kayaking. After the semis in woman category Nina was first again , Lenka Novotna came second and third was Lenka Borovickova.

In the man category was first Jan Spindler , I was second and Stepan Vohradsky was third. After the semis was an awesome party, with fire and lot of music. Next cold morning the finals started slowly. In woman Nina did well again and had all 3 rides really good and came first.

In man category Tomasz Czaplicki took with nice ride 1st place I came second and Jan Spindler was 3rd.


C1 : 1st Lukas Cervinka

2nd Stepan Fiedler

K1w: 1st Nina Halasova

2nd Lenka Borovickova

3rd Eva Filova

K1m: 1st Tomasz Czaplicki

2nd Peter Csonka

3rd Jan Spindler

For more results

The movie clip is coming soon.

Cold but nice weekend is behind us, it was one of the last competitions and we are looking forward to adidas sickline extreme race.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Paddle and party in Kuchl

Our competition’s season is over. This year was very successful for us but we did a lot for it. Train every day because you know you have a big competition is not just physical very hard but it is very mentally hard for you. Now we can rest for while and paddle just for fun without stress. We weren’t home for long time but first weekend after we came back from Thun, we went with our friends to Kuchl (our closest wave, 400km far from us in Austria). We had nice weather and made a grill party in the evening. Wave was also good. We had more water levels, from high to small but it was still good for surfing. You can check our fotos and video from it and see how good it was.
See you on water.

Peter making clean blunt

Capko trying blunt

Peter's panam

Me trying clean blunt

..and blunt

Peter's awesome airscrew

Kuchl is a small nice quite vilage

Kuchl is very popular for surfers

...air screw again

Sasa and Roman stoped in Kuchl on their way to Atlantic to party with us

Capko focused on his ride

See you on water.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

World cup overal results

Hi all,
here are some links for worldcup overal results

K1 men

K1 women
K1 JW , OC , C1

See you

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

TA3 news

Ďakujeme za podporu televízie TA3, ktorá nám mediálne pomáha.
Pozrieť reportáž klikni tu >>>>>>>>>>

World cup no. 3 – Thun

The last World cup was situated in Thun ( CH ) , where the World championship at 2009 should be. Thun is one of the most beautiful city where I ever was, there are many channels and in one of them after the dam gates was the play spot. We came there at Monday morning , slept little and wait until Simon the main organisator build the wave. At the first day of surfing , I didn’t feel the wave and I wasn’t glad with my effort , I didn't surf wave long time. Nina didn’t paddle because she was sick and eating the antibiotics. Next days it starts to work better for me. The eddy was so full whole day and the best chance to train was during the night or early morning. The competition started at Thursday with all categories except men category. Nina couldn’t train much before , but still when I saw her at the trainings she was doing well , on the qualification she couldn’t set up on the wave and flush. She came on the place 17.

Qualification results:

K1 Junior Women

Newman Nouria
2. Häberli Leonie
3. Hornhardt Sandrina

K1 Junior Men

Devred Sebastien
2. Schwarz Samuel
3. Jackson Dane


Weir James
2. Hüther Toby
3. Blanchard Jeremy

K1 Women

Gordon Ruth
2. Jarvie Fiona
3. Jackson Emily

C1 Men

Bainbridge Dave
2. Jackson Dane
3. Pyke Lee

Next day was qualification of men category and some additional competitions like big air and king of the wave.

Top 3. Man :

1st Peter Csonka SVK

2nd Steven Wright USA

3rd Eric Jackson USA

pictures from Michael Neumann ( thanks a lot )

Nina was almost queen of the wave

Next day was the quarterfinals and semifinals for each category . I am thinking that the semis are sometimes more harder as the finals and every paddler is trying as hard as possible. The results from this days should be on the

The finals was at Sunday. It was a long waiting with lot of stress.

Results :

C1 >>





I placed on the 3rd place after Nick Troutman and Steven Wright , what was awesome for me because at the end I am winner of the whole World cup!!!

picture from Michael Neumann

The overall World Cup Results for K1 Men were:

Peter Csonka- Slovakia- Project
Nick Troutman- Canada- All-Star
Dustin Urban- USA- All-Star

In the World Cup overall for K1W it was:

Emily Jackson- USA- Star
Ruth Gordon- Canada- Star
Fiona Jarvie- Great Britain, Star

In the overall Junior World Cup results:

Sebastian – France- Gui Gui kayak
Jason Craig- USA- Star
Michael Palmer- USA, All-Star

In the OC1 Class

Jez Blanchard

In the C1 Class

1st Stepan Fiedler ( CZE )

The World cup is over and we are looking forward to Adidas Sickline extreme race check out the page

See you there.

Peter & Nina