Thursday, 30 September 2010

Trencin - video

Few week ago we had the strong rain falls in Slovakia and the waves in Trencin was working again. From 20 cumics in second to 1000 in one day. The dam just did release all the water.

So enjoy the clip.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Alpin River Cup Cunovo-Final event

Last weekend of september was held the final event from the series of Alpin River Cup. We hosted it in Cunovo- Slovakia, in our local playspot. Paddlers from Austria, Germany, Poland and Czech were gather during the whole week. Friday evening all the participants had free training on the slalom withe water course. Me and Peter we were quite tried from the trainings before and as the organizers we had too much work to paddle. We were beg for nice weather at least for not raining. Saturday was quite nice day.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Slovak championship/ARF cup

Event program

Friday, 24-th

free trainings from 13:00 till 15:00 and 19:00-20:00 in between 15:00 - 19:00 it is strictly forbidden to paddle.

Registration from 18:00-19:30

Saturday, 25-th

Registration from 8:00-9:00

qualifications + cross qualifications from 9:00 till 19:00

party from 20:00

Sunday, 26-th from 8:00 till 17:00

semifinals and finals

+ final race of Slovak Kayak & Canoe Cross 2009

Individual trainings

Individual trainings will be possible. Days, times and prices please check on the

Official training

Official playspot trainings from Friday 24. sep, from 17:00. Prior to official trainings playspot available too. Area is perfect for bike, inline skates, beach volleyball. Sauna, fitness and club available at „Paddler Hostel** , Divoká voda hotel"

Starting Fee

15 EUR, registration via internet

20 EUR, At the place

Kayak & Canoe Cross

0 EUR, anyone who pays fee for freestyle

10 EUR, any other registrations.

Deposit for start number 20 EUR.


22 km from town center, one of the best artificial whitewater course class up to WW-IV with unique playspot. Facilities for world rank professional events such as World Slalom Championship, World Cup, Rafting Eurocup and many more.

Freestyle hole remastered in 2008, hosting national freestyle events since year 2000.

Safe shore and stream bed, clean water, both holeside eddy with easy access to hole with any move and tricks possibility.


Registration via internet will be possible on There is also possibility to register over

For the registration on the place look on the schedule of the event



Paddler hostel & cafe

cc 20min from the course.

Hotel divoká voda


Hotel divoká voda

Event sponsors

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Flood waves in Trencin

This year is the weat
her a bit crazy in whole Europe. Slovakia isn’t a exception. We had floods from early spring in many parts of country. Even at such a places where they never had this problems before. We are so sorry because many people lost a lot...but we were lucky and found something great.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Alpine Rivers Freestyle Cup

Alpine Rivers Freestyle Cup Majstrovstvá Slovenska v Kayak Freestyle Kayak & Canoe Cross

24. – 26. September 2010

Informations about the Event / Informácie o preteku

Lipno Devils extrem race.

Lipno festival is the biggest kayak event in Czech republic. This small calm area became for one weekend a year overcrowded by kayakers and rafters from all around the europe. Lipno is small creek witch flows trough national park. There is not enough water for kayaking but once a year at the end of summer they release water form dam and this small creek became a wild river. You can find there many rapids, holes and jumps. Mostly it is class 3plus-4 but there is also one class 5 rapid. This river is very nice and not much dangerous while you sit in kayak. As soon as you are up side down or you swim out from your kayak it start to be quite dangerous because of many rocks under surface. The most known rapids are čerťáky, škvíra and vrata. We portage škvíra because it is very narrow place where it is easy to scrape hands or hit head or do something more serious. This river has quite big gradient so there are not many eddys. It flows fast so you can run it more times a day because it is not long. From top it takes about 45min-1hour to get down. You can run river just for fun with your friends or you can compete in various competitions such as extrem race, rafting, slalom or down river race. But you need to be very careful because same time as you are on the water there are hundreds of paddlers with you. It make it way more dangerous but as same point way more safety because if something happen every one is keen to help. This year wasn’t an exception and there were some accidents. Fortunately nothing serious happened just some dislocated shoulders, scratches and some swimmers. It was my first time there and I enjoyed it so much. I met there many good friend, who I could paddle with and of course party! I am realy looking forward to go there next year.

Peter starting kayak cross from the ramp

See you Nina.