Sunday, 22 March 2009

First training on the Kuchl

When we discussed date with Austrian guys for they training on Kuchl we expect a warmer weather. We were driving on highway and how we were closed to Salzburg we saw more and more snow around us. But we were sill claim and we hoped that at least in village is everything melted. When we came we were shocked. We couldn’t park on the side of road because there were still 30cm of snow!

Friday wasn’t very nice. It was chilly and sometimes raining. We took our dry suits and paddled for 1,5 hour. Just me and Peter, we were quite tired but we enjoyed surfing so much. In the evening we waited for Austrian guys in the apartment. In the morning we woke up to sunny day! Everyone was looking for paddling. After a warm up everyone jumped to water. Two and half hours were guys and one girl paddling in upper wave.

After that we made a break for lunch. Peter showed them a video from paddling and explains what is good and what they need to improve. After lunch we had second session. Guys were getting better and better, sun was still shinning and snow was melting.

At the evening we had good feeling from nice day. But Sunday morning wasn’t sunny. It was raining all day long but it didn’t make us sad. Peter had again two sessions with the guys.

They made a second session in lower wave. Water was rising because of raining and lower wave were getting better. It was colder than Saturday but thanks ours drysuit we stayed totally dry hole day! I love it so much, it is great to know that you can paddle and you will be not ill. But I still hope that I will not to use it long time and I will switch it for short comboJ

See you on water.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Uganda - last update

We came from sunny hot Uganda to chilly cold Slovakia. It was quite big shock for us. We arrived to Vienna at Sunday evening after 26 hours of traveling. We were looking forward to go home, to rest a bit and eat good food but after one day we miss Uganda so much!
From our last update from Uganda water didn’t change and was quite small but good for club wave. After paddling two times a day for weeks we went to Bujagali to spend some time in Eden rock resort in big banda. We enjoyed beds, shower, toilets, power and for most the really good food instead of starving in Hairy lemon. We have run day one couple of times. Silverback is really a big fun but I made it every time upside down.

Nina gave some older toys to local kinds

Nina and Milos on the Hump rapid

Capko on the Bujagali falls rapid

Nina on the Bujagali falls

Silverback rapid was the best !!!

New damm is growing

What does left from the Ugli sisters

Sunset in the NRE

After five days we went back to Hairy lemon good relaxed and ready to continue our training plan.

animals in the Lemon

In that time there were about 20 kayakers and waiting in eddy became longer and longer. Especially when Peter could stay there 10 minutes. Club wave is good for training. There is enough foam to stay tricks there. It is not easy to get in air like in Nile special. It is more technique wave but easier for landing.

Once we went to try a new wave which is on left side from Malalu wave. We called it Malalulu which mean in Slovak small lulu. We went there by water which took one 50 minutes paddling on flat water. The wave is not very big but it is quite fast and technics.

For way back we ordered boda-bodas but it was like way to the hell. The local boda-bodas are not skilled going with kayaks like bodas in Bujagali. I was so scarred! We almost felt 2 times. On the end of our stay in Uganda we were so tired that we could hardly go kayak two times a day. Sometimes we needed to go to Jinja for steak and made a day off. We came to home totally physically destroyed but mentally absolutely relaxed.

Now we are at home and waiting for the options to paddle in Europe.
See you