Friday, 17 April 2009

Kayak and Canoe cross 2009

Ahoj ,
takže pomaly sa nám blíži sezóna 2009 a s ňou aj preteky a festivaly. Týmto rokom máme novinku a to kajak cross cup na Slovensku. Sú to 3 crossové súťaže a to na Beléj , Liptovskom Mikuláši a Čunove. Na prvý z pretekov sa je možne už aj registrovať na stránke
kde je samozrejme viac informácií o podujatí.
Takže vidíme sa čoskoro na Belej.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

First sunny days

Thursday evening we got a massage from our friend, who lives in Trencin, they have a great wave there. We were surprised, because we never were there. Their river Vah had flood which made three rapids under dam.

Depends of high level there are various playspots, but normally there is not enough water. When we come, water has drop from last day but still there was a cool wave. We spent there hole day and had an awesome session.

Next day water drop again and wave was shallow for paddling so we moved to Plattling. Plattling had high nice level so it was very bussy during the weekend. We met there our Czech friends who had there qualifications for World championship. Weather was perfect and we felt like on holiday.

Even our dog Puko loved it there. Running and playing outside all day long was like haven for him. We trained four hour a day and in the evening we fell to beds. But we really enjoyed it and didn’t want to leave home.

I hope that now when weather is warm, snow will melt and rivers will rise a little and we will have again some great waves for surfing like in Trencin.
See you on waves.