Saturday, 22 December 2007

Narodeninová párty a premiera filmu

predpokladaný dátum: 11.1.2008
miesto konania: Lodenica Dunajčík
oslávenci: Capko , Mirec , Činka
bonus: premietanie nového filmu (trailer viď. nižšie)+ free sud piva...

Vidíme sa tam.
Prajeme pekne sviatky.
Peťo, Nina , Capko , Mirec ...

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Sportsmens of Bratislava 2007

Every year in our capital city of Slovakia- Bratislava each sport association nominate their best athlets. Then journalists choose 15 best of each cetegory- juniors, seniors and collective sports and people can vote for their most popular athlet on internet. This year also Peter was choosen and for our suprise he got into best 5. The nomination ceremony was held in Primate Palace in the most beautiful hall, hall of mirrors. We also had a chance to see very valube collections of tapesteries which are maybe more valuable than whole palace. After ceremony we had a banquet where we meet with other awarded athlets. And by the way the prizes were very nice, peter got a good watches. I hope that next year we will have also oportunity to take part on this sport's celebration...

Peter is on right side

Peter and other awarded athlete

One of the famous tapesteries

Peter with brothers Hochschorners

One of many beautiful halls

See you

Olympus E-410

We have now about 30 days until we will leave to Uganda for the White Nile . WAW we are so excited. We get a new camera from our partner Olympus . It is awesome camera model E-410 ( the smallest SLR in the world )

and we are lucky that we get it. Thank for all. From now most of the pictures you will see here will be taken with this camera. About the Olympus cam’s you can read on this website in English or on this one in Slovak language. An article about the product is coming soon.

Here are some other pictures>>>

Thanks to Olympus

See you

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Pool trainings

Because of the Cold weather we moved to train in the pool. It is a part of our winter training. Not everyone like it, but still it is better like without the feeling of water. Matej Fabianek was our photographer and he made some very nice pictures with the waterproof camera. I am thinking that the pool is one of the best practicing places for winter paddling of course if you have possibility’s to go paddling some were on the river ,than don’t waist your time :) . But if you don’t have any other option , than this is the right training how to keep you soft paddling coordination. Check out the pictures.

If you want to check some other pictures from the author than click here>>>matooo web.

Thanks for the pictures

See you


Sunday, 25 November 2007

November kayaking in Graz

In these cold days sun showed up just once and made weather warmer little bit. We took this opportunity and traveled to Graz. It was closest play spot where water level was ok. Saturday morning we, me, Peter and Vlado packed our kayaks to car and drove 250km to Austrian most cultural city Graz. It took 3hours to get there and half hour to find a park palace. The hole T3 is situated in the middle of city under the bridge. We had many spectators and they were looking on us and thinking what a crazy people are in the water when out is 8 degrees. But we were so happy that we can be in water again. We had awesome 2hours session. Hole was a bit flashy but every move was possible to do there. After first 30min when we felt like beginners we found a right energy and improved our rides. In every ride we got better and better. In the end of our training Peter could make everything there on both sides, Vlado learned a new trick- back loop and I scored some nice fenixmonkey's and ‘almost trickywoo’s. After this we went to buy the best kebab in Graz and tired but satisfied traveled back home. I hope that weather surprise us one more again and we will have a chance to make the trip like this again.

Vlado cartwheeling

and me also...

I like loops :)

Peter's loops an mcnasty's

A big back loop from Vlado

...and also a front loop

And here is a movie

for better quality you can download it from this link >>> web.

See you on the water.

Nina Halasova

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Uganda White Nile - the movie

Hi ,
If you have time , on the web site is a 20 min long kayak movie from Uganda White Nile 2007.
Check it out and enjoy the movie.
See you

Monday, 5 November 2007

Kuchl sessions

This year the fall is stronger like last year and maybe this was one of the lastest Kuchl sessions in this year. We went there at Thursday and met Ingrid Schlott , kayak whole day and make nice pasta evening. The weather was really cold at the morning was the ice on the car roof. On Friday , was not the free day and also the water was better for the lower wave .In the evening we met us with Jan Spindler and his dad at the play spot. Next two days we was kayaking together and having fun, sleeping in the bus and watching the movies.
Here is a link for the movie in high quality Kuchl session.
Some pictures from there:

and here is a movie in pore quality :)

See you.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

New pictures from Otz event

I know that the Otz kayak race was canceled , but I think every one had a beautiful weekend there like we had. The organisation was perfect and also everything there, just the water levels for competition can be better :( .
Here are some new pictures from my cousin Matej Fabianek.
He is a awesome photographer and if you like to check some pictures from him , go to
Lunch at the course for the competition

some guys near the course

Flo practising

catering at the evening and also the big O movie night

wavesport team posing

big thanks to Olaf Obsomer for the organisation one of the sickest event ever

me at the middle section

Nina with fish eye

And for the end big thanks to Jens Klatt for this picture, here is a link on his page .

The middle section on the Otz river.

Thanks again to photographers.
See you

Monday, 8 October 2007

Pain Killez

This is my favourite movie. It is awesome. From The BIG O PRODUCTION.
Pain Killez

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Worls part 2

Hi everyone.
Unfortunately the Otz river have still too much water and until now the event is still canceled . We are hoping about tomorrow , if the water levels dropped than tomorrow will be the quali and also finals. Check the There are news every day what is going on.
See you on the water.
Peter & Nina

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sick adidas line - World kayak championships –part 1

On the way to Otz we stop on the river Soca , to meet some friends and practice little. Because we didn’t have been creeking so much this year than Soca was the best place to have fun before the worlds. The weather was so bad, but the water level, I think about 180cm and that’s good. I don't have the pictures here now , but I will post them for sure.

Now we are 2 days in Otz tall and the weather and also the water is awesome. First day Me, Schorschi and his friends, we was paddling the middle section and also the section for the qualification. Today we have been paddling just the section where the competition should be and it was many many times. Here are some pictures.

See you.

Peter & Nina