Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sick adidas line - World kayak championships –part 1

On the way to Otz we stop on the river Soca , to meet some friends and practice little. Because we didn’t have been creeking so much this year than Soca was the best place to have fun before the worlds. The weather was so bad, but the water level, I think about 180cm and that’s good. I don't have the pictures here now , but I will post them for sure.

Now we are 2 days in Otz tall and the weather and also the water is awesome. First day Me, Schorschi and his friends, we was paddling the middle section and also the section for the qualification. Today we have been paddling just the section where the competition should be and it was many many times. Here are some pictures.

See you.

Peter & Nina

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