Sunday, 25 November 2007

November kayaking in Graz

In these cold days sun showed up just once and made weather warmer little bit. We took this opportunity and traveled to Graz. It was closest play spot where water level was ok. Saturday morning we, me, Peter and Vlado packed our kayaks to car and drove 250km to Austrian most cultural city Graz. It took 3hours to get there and half hour to find a park palace. The hole T3 is situated in the middle of city under the bridge. We had many spectators and they were looking on us and thinking what a crazy people are in the water when out is 8 degrees. But we were so happy that we can be in water again. We had awesome 2hours session. Hole was a bit flashy but every move was possible to do there. After first 30min when we felt like beginners we found a right energy and improved our rides. In every ride we got better and better. In the end of our training Peter could make everything there on both sides, Vlado learned a new trick- back loop and I scored some nice fenixmonkey's and ‘almost trickywoo’s. After this we went to buy the best kebab in Graz and tired but satisfied traveled back home. I hope that weather surprise us one more again and we will have a chance to make the trip like this again.

Vlado cartwheeling

and me also...

I like loops :)

Peter's loops an mcnasty's

A big back loop from Vlado

...and also a front loop

And here is a movie

for better quality you can download it from this link >>> web.

See you on the water.

Nina Halasova


Stroemer said...

Hello Nina, Peter

Nice 2 see you in Graz :-)

I guess you had about 290 - 300 cm on ...Wasserstand. We had these levels quite often this year.


Martin said...

also today


Peter Csonka ,Nina Halasova , Vlado Cako and many more said...

Yes the level was somethig about that. It was nice , little fushy .
See you