Thursday, 20 December 2007

Sportsmens of Bratislava 2007

Every year in our capital city of Slovakia- Bratislava each sport association nominate their best athlets. Then journalists choose 15 best of each cetegory- juniors, seniors and collective sports and people can vote for their most popular athlet on internet. This year also Peter was choosen and for our suprise he got into best 5. The nomination ceremony was held in Primate Palace in the most beautiful hall, hall of mirrors. We also had a chance to see very valube collections of tapesteries which are maybe more valuable than whole palace. After ceremony we had a banquet where we meet with other awarded athlets. And by the way the prizes were very nice, peter got a good watches. I hope that next year we will have also oportunity to take part on this sport's celebration...

Peter is on right side

Peter and other awarded athlete

One of the famous tapesteries

Peter with brothers Hochschorners

One of many beautiful halls

See you


Bas de Man said...


I like your videos very much!
Good quality footages. But 2 questions..

What videocamera do you use?

And with which program do you edit your videos?

Thanks for the response!

Bas de Man.

PS. congrats with your nomination!

Peter Csonka ,Nina Halasova , Vlado Cako and many more said...

Hi ,
I have now 2 cams 1. panasonic a cheap one (800 000 pixels) for the under water scenes and one HDV from sony with tele and wide convertor.I am using programs from adobe (premiere...) to editing. But if you are using apple than better option is final cut.
See you

Bas de Man said...


Ok! Thanks for the information.
I want to buy a good camera also for shooting good quality kayak shots.

One more question :)
What exactly type camera do you use from sony and what type of lens?

Thanks Again.

Keep it up!

Bas de Man.

Peter Csonka ,Nina Halasova , Vlado Cako and many more said...

most of the movies are taken with panasonic nv-gs 500
now I have sony hdr-hc1e/pal
it is small on good quality:)
but it is difficult to cut hdv it is still the future :( with adobe