Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Euro cup final - Spain

Our trip started when our friends from Czech Rep. pick up us in Batislava. For us is Galicia about 3000km to drive. We decided that we shout stop in Lyon for play boating. In Lyon the water levels was nice. We spend there 2 days of kayaking and making nice shoots from the wave. Enjoy the pictures...

Nina training hard

From Lyon we still had 1500 km to Galicia L. After some days of traveling we arrived to the Galicia and find the wave ( Fiera hole ). With this levels it was a nasty hole , the moves was very hard to do there. After some days of training the competition started. At Friday was the qualification for all the categories. In junior category Jirka from CZE did well and came on the 1st place. In woman category Nina was on the second and Maria from Sweden on the 1st place. In man category Jan Spindler CZE was on the second place and I was first. Next day was the semis and the finals. In the end unfortunately Nina was sick and came 4th , in the junior category Jirka came 2nd place , in the man category Jan Spindler was 3th and I was 1st. Here are some pictures how it look like ...

Nina at the competition

Me and Jan Spindler

Results euro cup final - Spain

1.Peter Csonka SVK
2.Bebbington James UK
3. Jan Spindler CZE

K1 women
1.Servais Lieke
2.Wall Emily
3. Lindgren Maria

K1 junior man
1 UK
2 Jirka Langer CZE

In the final results for the cup in man category - 1st place Peter Csonka , in woman category 1st place Nina Halasova , in junior man category 1st place Jirka Langer. ( all three with the wavesport kayaks )

Thanks to Jan Rusnak for the pictures from Lyon and also to Jirka Langer for pictures from Galicia.

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