Monday, 21 May 2007

another cool weekend

This week from Thursday till Sunday me, Peter and Capko we was on small trip in Austria. Two days we was creeking and than two days we was on Kuchl wave. So, the perfect holidays!
We start on Loferschlut. It was my first time. We had really good watter level and I very like it!
Friday we went to Schwarzlofer. We never was there before so it took for us two hours to find it, but then when we find it we was very excited. It was cool creek with three waterfalls 3, 5, 7 m.
It was awesome!
and the movie from there>>>>

Saturday we went to Kuchl. In the morning water level was good, aftenoon it was rising but you could still surf. After good sesion guys wanted to go to Salzachofen, I was tired so I was just a driver and took some foto of them.

In the evening we surfed the wave again and Peter flight so height!

Peter at clean blunt

Capko making a blunt
Me trying california roll
Capko at blunt
me working on blunt
peter working on panam

Sunday we wake up totally destroyed and went surf again:)

peter at huge back panam

and his flash back

me at california roll

and peter at panam

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