Sunday, 25 February 2007

Uganda White Nile 2007

by Peter Csonka & Nina Halasova

Our six week's training has been started at the Hairy Lemon camp, were we was paddling on the Nile Special and on the Club Wave.Look from the camp on the Nile river.

Look from the camp on the Nile river.

We was so lucky about that we are there and we was paddling every day for few hours. In the morning we usually have paddling on the Club wave because of the low water levels

Nina is working on her blunts

and in the evening the Nile Special wave was working ( just sometimes without the rope ).

Peter on the Nile Special

After some week's we was trying the Ugly Sister's wave witch was on the upper section on the White Nile.To go to the wave you must paddle the whole section called „day 1 section“ with some nice place's to play or to river run and after I thing 25 minutes you will be there. I think the wave is one of the sickest waves on the world.

This wave is sick :)

The wave was so good because every time you start a trick and you lend it good than you have speed for the other one and other one ....

Peter working on the cleans

After 6 week's of training we was absolutely brooked and tired and now we are home but for sure next year we will be there again.

Peter & Nina

Team Wave sport.