Monday, 2 June 2008

Freestyle kayak Graz competition 2008

Like every year, also this year was held in Graz Austrian championships in last weekend in May. Now it is a tradition for us to go there because this is one of the best competition in year. It is friendly event held just in Saturday. Usually about 50 people is competing, but every year there come more and more people. We came at Friday from Augsburg to train a bit but actually we were there last week when Peter had freestyle clinics there so we know that spot well. Friday we train just a while to improve some details because we didn’t have much energy after paddling in Augsburg. Evening we went to their local boathouse to joint barbecue party there. At midnight we went sleep. At Saturday at eleven o’clock have started competition with junior category then ladies, C1 and man category. Me and Peter we were helping as judges. So we were quite bussy that day but otherwise I very like that job even if it is not easy. In my category were 8 girls so we had just quail and final but in men’s were 30 guys competing, they had also semifinal.

After qualification I was leading with big score. That was because I made a nice air loop there what wasn’t easy. It was a small wave spot good for blunts, backsteps, or felixes but it was quite hard go to air there, but not impossible. Peter has make a cool air clean blunts and airscrews. I don’t understand how he could go so much to air on that small wave. His biggest rival was Daniel Herzig, a local paddler. He did a awesome helixes and huge air backsteps there! Guys had a hard fight. Finally Benjamin Kraler (AUT) took 5th place, Simon Strohmeier (DE) 4th, Luka Stricelj (SLO) 3th, Daniel Herzig 2nd and Peter took gold.

It was really interesting to watch the final because everyone was trying to do well and you could see many different hard tricks. I also didn’t have a easy final. Every time I am in stress and it really don’t help meJ But I was trying to do my best and finally I got gold! 2nd was Katarina Migdauova (CZE), then Katja Stain (DE), Gurdun Lehner (AUT) and Judith Prechtl (AUT). Prizegiving ceremony was in their local restaurant Shilling. We had a tasty dinner and after that they nominate winners. I won 100euros and Peter 250euros! Really nice J. The last week of July they have a second competition in Graz in hole spot so we are looking forward to go there again!

See you there!


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