Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hi from Uganda

Finally we arrived to Uganda. After 2 months without kayaking we were looking forward to Spend here some weeks on the Nile so much. We arrived to Entebe at midnight. After the long drive we came to Eden rock where we spend one night. In the morning we hurried up to Hairy lemon . On the way there we stopped in Jinja , to buy some stuff like nuttella vodka and chips… When we came to Hairy lemon we were so stoked to go kayaking that we just left everything on the place and went to the wave. The levels are awesome , at the morning is it a bit green and at the evening is it the best wave ever!!! We are spending there couple of hours 2x a day. We are very happy that we didn’t forget how to kayak on that wave and every time we are better and better. At afternoon we are able to get there without the rope witch is awesome. Capko and Jano are doing lot of pictures from every interesting object. We are lucky because at the moment in the campsite there aren’t lot of kayakers , just we are. So the wave belong just to us. Two days ago joined us two other Slovak guys Snorchel and Milos and they are enjoying it as well. Today I have birthday and we are spending some time in Jinja for internet and steak , waw I can’t wait to eat it.

That’s it
See you

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Saša said...

Vsetko najlepsie, Peto!!! Pozdravujem celu crew. Majte sa krasne a uzite si to!!!