Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hairy lemon - Club wave

After Jinja we went back to the Hairy lemon and enjoy the birthday party. I can tell that is the best solution to spend the day like this in Uganda. Some guys went to the wave and some just had a rest and some drinks as well. Next day the water dropt and Capko had his dream wave Club. Now every morning is the Club wave working and at the evening is it enough for Nile Spetial. The Club wave is also a good option because now we are still changing the playspots and also the paddle techniques.

We also went to the day 2 section and some with some friend of us from Slovakia and they were there the first time. We made some nice pictures from the rapids like Kalagala and some other below.

Yesterday we had rest after lunch and we changed the paddling for the fishing. Jano was the hunter and we was just sitting and support for him. After 20 min took out a big fish.

Every one was so surprised and we been lucky because the plane was to cook the fish. Unfortunately we couldn’t and we let the fish go. That’s the end by of the story by now .
See you later.

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