Sunday, 13 September 2009

Worlds 2009 recap

The Worlds are over and we are finally after long time back home. We didn't have a time to post any articles during the Worlds so now I can write to you more about it. As you may know we were training in Norway on Skjak right before. It was good trip and very useful training but we weren't the only one who traveled so far to get prepared for the biggest event of the year. Many European kayakers flew to Canada where are very good conditions. We also met some guys in Norway and I know that it wasn't the only place in Europe where runs good waves. So all the kayakers who went to Thun were really good prepared and level of paddling quality was really high! Worlds 2009 were huge event with everything what it needs to have and many more. Organizers made great job and everyone enjoyed time spend there. Thun is small beautiful town and for two weeks it was overcrowded with kayaker and their friends, parents... 32 countries and 270 paddlers were there! It was great to see there so many people but it was very hard for training.
During the day had everyone national trainings. We had 33minutes for
11 paddlers so it wasn't very much. Wave was busy 24 hours a day. Due to short training time we trained also during the night after official trainings. At 2, 3 or 4 am you could still met in the eddy at least 10-20 kayakers. Everyone wanted get used the wave before competition start. The problem was that wave was changing every day because water in lake was dropping. Sometimes it was very very flashy without foam and sometimes it was quite nice. Competition started in Tuesday with K1 quali. Peter paddled very well and took second place. He had pretty big chance to get medal. Women started at Thursday. My rides wasn't very good but they were enough to make a cut to semifinal. Next day was on the plan quarterfinals. Peter was again paddling good and showed he can flight really high. I was also satisfied with my rides but judges weren't. They thought my donkey flips weren't in air enough so I end up 16th. I was quite sad because I think I could got into top 5 but.
But never mind next time in Platling I will make it for sure! I already started to train there :)) So After that I was hoping Peter will make it. Saturday he had semifinal really late at 21.30. I saw the first heat and guys had big problems to stick moves into waves. Then I recognized that they changed wave during the day and it was much flashier and just with little bit of foam. When peter's head started I was quite nervous. Peter had big disadvantage because of his weight. He was trying very hard but he flushed after his third air screw. He didn't have chance to sticked it there scored just 580 points. It wasn't enough to make the cut so he ended up at 7th place. I was very sad because he was train so hard and in one second everything changed!
But that's the life. Everything can change so quickly so you need enjoy every second no matter what happen. I know that he is one of the best freestyle paddler in the world and he still will have more chance to show it. But the most important thing for me is that he prove me every day that he is the one who I want to live with forever!


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