Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Daming the nile premiere in Paddler cafe

Finally after longer time I had a time to finish the movie from Uganda. We have been there three times so this time I wanted to make the movie not just about kayaking. Kayaking on the Nile is an awesome experience but unfortunately this will end up soon. The glorious rapids of the Nile will be destroyed in one or two years. Some of them are already gone some are changed. So if you still thinking if to go you need to hurry up to don’t miss it. We really love this river and we would like to show the world what they will lose.

I made this video about damming the White Nile and its consequence to people and country. This movie is made from kayaker’s point of view. I don’t want to say that this is a bad this to build a power station there. I want just show what happens.

So at 10th of November we had a movie premiere in our local pub Paddler café. I am really glad that my friends liked this film. We made a small party and enjoyed it with good friend and some beers. This was a premiere and now we are looking forward to present this movie on our biggest outdoor film festival in Slovakia in spring. If you are interested you can check out the trailer for movie.

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Sam Ward said...

Hey Peter, Sweet trailer... would like to check out the full video!

I think it should be noted that is just one section of the Nile that will be dammed, all the best playwaves and almost all the biggest rapids will still be there. The Day two stretch will remain un-affected as well as a lot of the Day 1. There are literally hundreds of different lines that will remain (all the backchannels and alternative lines on the day 2 that are for the most part unexplored except by a few).

I agree that the loss of the Silverback section is tragic, and that it is an incredible stretch of white water...What I am trying to say I guess for those who haven't been there, is that the Nile will still be an awesome place to go boating even when the Dam is finished.

Hope life is good wherever you and Nina are!! Sam

Peter Csonka said...

We will lost Hump - Fifity fifty , silverback and all the back channels for sure. There will be other dam at Kalagala falls which will affect some other rapids too. Maybe also the levels in Nile.