Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Stealth – freestyle gun

The future of freestyle sport is definitely composite materials and costuming the boats. Composite materials allow building the boats lighter, faster, stronger … So why to not use the best materials to go big? Vajda group have over 20 year experience with composite constructions and also the best technology on the market. So we decided to build new freestyle kayaks which have the best performance for waves and holes so far. The weight, the stiffness and the shape allow to go bigger and faster than it was ever possible before.

If you want to spin , cartwheel , blunt so easy and quick like never before than this is the right choice for you. The Stealth from Vajda will be your dream boat for sure.


The boat was create specially for the future competitions like Worlds on Plattling or Europeans in Lienz.

    • Cartwheels – the boat is very stabile in vertical rotations for all the wheels you can imagine.
    • Loops – there is lot of volume situated around the kayaker so the boat pops very big.
    • Sticks all the moves easy ( wave / hole )
    • Fast – thanks the new materials and the weight it is 20% faster in every rotation , with less energy claims

Front hull shape

• Designed for speed in surfing and for big pumps in the wave.
• Slightness facilitate all the hard moves like MC nastys or Phoenix monkeys


    • Thanks to flat surface the boat have incredible speed
    • The stiffness of the materials is working well to , the bottom don’t starts to vibrate and slowing down the boat.
    • The boat feels awesome by carving , but on the other way they are getting softer in the back of the boat so all the big tricks are very easy to stick in the waves or holes.

Back hull shape

    • Designed for easy landings in the wave.
    • It never was so easy to jump all the moves from the backs surf like on this boat.
    • Well-distributed displacements making the boat stabile in every situation.

Comfort, technology

    • Vacuum carbon technology
    • 7,6 kg weight opens new dimensions in freestyle kayaking
    • Comfortable cockpit for feet and knees
    • No screws so no water inside • Ultra light and comfortable outfitting


    • There will be 2 sizes of the Stealth ( S-M , L-XL )
    • Possibility of costuming the boat special for the weight of the paddler ( adding , or cutting down the volumes )
    • Custom color designs are possible


    • Only Racing Pro construction • Price is 1420.- € (without VAT, Exwork Bratislava) • Simple 2 colors designs are included in the price, custom color design will be charged

Designer notes:

Peter Csonka with help from Vajda group designed this boat specialized for competing and for people they want to go bigger as ever before. This boat is the gun for future competitions. It is opening a new era of freestyle kayaking. We tried to build a boat which you try once you don’t want to paddle any other boat and we made it!!! So enjoy the boat like the boat designer, World championships silver medalist Peter Csonka..

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