Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Adidas Sickline world championship

In the beginning of October every thing was prepared in Otzal for the event to start. The the Adidas Sickline extrem World Championships are held in Otztal’s beautiful valley every year. For a weekend became this tourist well know area full of kayak fancy. Some come to take a part and some come with the goal to win and take home gold and of course prize money. But winner can be just one of the 150 paddlers from all around the world.
We came to the Oetz Wednesday evening. Like the last years we were acomodate in beautiful Feel free resort apartment for what we thank a lot to Adidas and specially to Axel. Thursday morning we went to check the race course. Famous Wellebrucke section has change after big water and it was quite different from last year. Every year this event is situated at same part of river but every year it change a lot. From my point it seems to be little bit less dangerous. This time the qualification started with the last rapids on Wellebrucke. I never run this part because I am not really keen in class V. I was afraid because of waterfall and rapid above it but actually I run it quite nice except one time when I did two rolls right above the waterfall. But any way I was really happy to run it because this year I sit in my creek boat just once. Peter did well on the training and run it several times. The event started at Friday. I ended up in qualification but I beat at least 11 guys :) Peter ended in his first run on 38 place. He wasn’t lucky with his second run and didn’t make it through quarterfinal. I think he was fast enough but unfortunately he sticked in “Champion killer”. Never mind. We could enjoy the time in Oetz and cheer for our friends. At Saturday morning was the final day. Best 50 paddlers from friday compete in head to head system. It was interesting to watch who knocked out who. In the final we could see a few really very interesting runs. Some good and some bed. The best one was from our team mate who we were cheering for Sam Sutton. He did it under one minute and as the quickest one won and became a WorldChampion. The award ceremony this year was held in area 47. After tasty dinner in Lake side restaurant, we moved to River Haus, where the winners were announce. After all the Champions party could start!

Video from GoPro camera

some pictures from Gopro camera

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