Sunday, 22 May 2011

Preparing for the World Championships

The World Champs are slowly coming! We still have a little bit than one month for our preparations. We are training for this big event the whole season, which we started quite early by training twice a day. It is hard to stay motivated so you need to change places quite often. We spent a few weeks in Plattling, where the World Champs will take part.Now we train at home in our local playspot in Cunovo. The hole here is quite difficult, which means an advantage for us. If you learn how to do moves here it will be easier in easy spots. The water level in Plattling is very low now. It is the lowest level in last few years. I don’t remember such low water. It is not possible to train there. It is quite big problem for now, because many kayakers are coming there to train. But we hope that it will rise.Tomorrow we are going to Czech for a freestyle competition. It will be a good experience before the World Champs. Next week we plan to go to Graz, Austria. It will be the first event of the Alpin River Cup.The next three competitions will be in Slovenia, Czech and Slovakia. We are looking forward, because every year Graz is one of the best competitions: friendly atmosphere, good event and awesome party is what you can find in Graz.We will make new update from these competitions so stay tuned. Keep your fingers cross for rain to have water to paddle on.

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