Friday, 30 September 2011


There is a play spot in Sopotnica, which is very different to others. This one is probably the only one of its kind because it is all mechanical.

Few years ago the Spindler Family realized they needed a spot for training so the only chance was to build one. I am not going to tell you the history but still it is an awesome story how they managed to build that monster machine for making a nice training spot in the middle of some kind of pool.

Because I had to teach a kayak lesson and we would have liked to take part in two festivals, however, we decided to go for this competition instead of the one in Prague.

We went there from Wednesday onwards because our white water course was closed (still is) for the upcoming slalom worlds.

I need to say, that the organizers were very friendly and tried to make the best of this event. Party every evening, good mood - just awesome.

Paddling the hole was quite difficult because it was a bit flashy. During the competition we did well, in the qualification Nina ended up on place 1 and I won the qualification as well. In the evening there was also a big ramp and a slope-style contest and after that there was an extreme swimming contest to the hole upstream, where the winner won a composite boat!

Feel free to check out the video by Jan Spindler.

On the next day after a nice party the finals took place. Nina had some troubles with sticking some moves so she ended up on a good 2nd place. I won the men’s category because my second best ride was scored better than the one from Jan Spindler and Bartosz Czauderna from Poland made it on the 3rd place. In the C1 category local ambassador and current European Champion Lukas Cervinka won the title.

We had a really nice weekend and we are now ready to roll for some more.

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Many thanks Jan Spindler for the pictures and the small video of the event.

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