Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Kayaking season is almost over.

The season is almost over, so now we have more time to relax... Not! This was the plan but actually with this life style it is not possible.

Our last freestyle event was ARF Cup and Slovakian championships in Cunovo, Slovakia. We were a co-organizers of this event so it was a very busy weekend for us. I am so happy that everything went well and we had a nice event with good party, raffle, free drinks and with so many people joining us. It was an international event so we hosted kayakers from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Czech, Poland and Slovakia. I was quite nervous during my rides, because it is strange feeling to be in your home spot and to be watched by your parents and all your friends but after all I ended up on first place with very good ride. Freestyle wasn’t the only event, we had a side events for all kayakers like a fun slalom and kayak cross. I didn’t take a part in it because I was too busy that weekend.

After this we went to Oetztal valley for legendary adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Campionships. I really like this event. I think it is the best organized event ever. It feels like being on holiday even if you need to compete. Ok, it is maybe because I am not a guy :) I agree they have a big competition and especially this year it was really tough. Guys were very strong and well-prepared so not only the final was awesome to watch. It was nice to paddle with the girls and I need to say some of them were paddling better than some of the guys.

Peter & me stayed in a pretty cool apartment (as last years) and adidas was taking very good care of us. First day we had a short meeting and such a good BBQ. Steaks, sausages, salads, beers and a good time with our team buddies. Some of them we hadn’t seen for a longer time so it was nice to chat together again.

On the other days we had dinner with all the other participants. We had a movie night, were we saw many interesting movies like stuff from Olaf and Jared.

We were very lucky and had good water level and weather. I just love that part of Austria and to have a competition in such pretty nature is awesome. The Wellerbrücke is very good river section to race. It is not easy to have the fastest run but once again our adidas mate Sam Sutton did the best and won his second gold in a row.

So the events are over and we don’t need to focus on this again until the next year. We should relax but our whitewater course is still running so we are still paddling. It seems it will run on at least till december so we still have more than month on the water. It is quite hard to stay motivated to paddle in this cold weather at the end of season, but if I stay home I feel strange. I think I am addicted! So we still keep training on the water plus we go to gym and do some other activities as biking, running, climbing. I love to stay outdoors. I am happy that we have this opportunity to have a perfect gear for sport. If it is kayaking, biking, climbing or running we can stay warm and dry. So I would like to say thank to adidas for taking care of us and supporting us in what we do.

Thanks for the pictures made by Manuel Arnu ADIDAS-Sickline , Hanka Bubnikova ARF cup
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