Wednesday, 23 November 2011


by Nina Halasova

Last week we were invited to a film festival in Trencin, where Peter had two movies, from Zambia and Norway. It is a festival about nature, outdoor sports and traveling. We were pleasantly surprised with hall full of people.

There was a small talk show insert after the movie from Zambia. We talked about this trip, about our experience, troubles, funny times. It was nice to see people being so interested in our stories and we got lots of questions from them. We saw many good movies from climbers, bikers, and travelers. In one group they pooled professional movies and in a second group all amateur movies. We were competing in the latter.

After the screening there was a final ceremony during which the judges declared the best movie. And Peter won first prize! We were very surprised and very happy. It was a wonderful weekend. We met lots of great people, heard interesting stories, saw awesome movies and had good times with friends.

A few days later the organisers announced the results of the spectator voting for the best film. And guess what... Peter won 1st and 2nd place for his movies! We were thrilled! I think this success will encourage Peter to film and edit even more.

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