Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Uganda was a great start to the new season. When went home we spent just one week there and than we went to the Hight Tatras ( SVK ) to make a new Adidas movie called “ALL INN TATRY BEZ LIMITOV”. It was kind of hard from 33 °C to -15 °C where we spent all day behind the cameras. The OUTDOOR gear from Adidas is super cool it really worked well and kept us dry and warm, what was really important was not to get sick.
We met the Slovakian Adidas team and it was awesome how similar the outdoor athletes are. We had lot of fun by making this movie and we made some really good friends. I was also really excited about the cinema production because I have never worked with such a big team of people and professional equipment. Every camera had three people to operate. The premiere of the movie will be at the biggest film festival in Slovakia called 'Hory a mesto'http://www.horyamesto.sk/.
Here is the link for the movie site.
I can't wait to see it on the premiere!
Also, we will present our movie 'White water river of Norway' there
Olaf and few other adidas athletes will make sure the multimedia show is perfect and then we can take a tour of the Bratislava pubs afterwords.

After the shoot we had a week off to have some rest after Uganda and Tatry.
We have already spent the weekends in our kayaks for the last two weeks eventhough the weather still isn't that comfortable for kayaking and the water is freezing cold, but we have to get ready for the season as best as we can. So we decided to start in Graz because it is the closest spot for us and the weather has been best there.
The spot is nice and there is a wave in the middle and hole on the side, so after some under water moves when our heads are freezing there is an option to get warmer in the middle wave :)
I was really surprised because every season the start is kind of difficult, but this time with the new boat I felt like I hadn't lost any skill, but could even improve them! Also Nina was awesome, she wasn't struggling at all, almost from the start she started to try and also do combos like 'loop to splitwheel' or 'slipwheel to phoenix monkey' which is really sick. I think she already is even better than she was last season and we have hardly started yet.
So check out some pictures and video.

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