Wednesday, 30 May 2012


After the competition in Plattling we moved to Kadaň, in Czech republic. They had the first event of their Cnawr rodeo tour. The hole in Kadaň was very powerful. You had enough of training after 30 minutes. Peter and I enjoyed this competition a lot, especially because we met many of our Czech and Slovak friends there. It is very nice to paddle with your friends and spend some time having fun and not just training and focusing on the event. After Saturday's qualification and semifinal Peter and I ended up on first place. Next morning I woke up and felt very bad. I had stomach problems and couldn’t eat for a few days. I was worried if I had power for the final, but after all I did my best and won the first place. Peter had very strong paddlers in his final and after a really tough fight he won the second place. I think he was overtrained as I was in Plattling. It happens many times to us, that if one of us wins the second one can’t. We are not sure why, I hope we will change that habit next time. :)

Our next competition is in Graz, Austria. We already went there and spent three days paddling on perfect waves. I think the water level will drop for competition but there will be still a nice strong hole. Right now we are at home, having a few days of regeneration. I feel I have been training too much and my body is refusing now. I need to slow down a little bit, which is quite difficult a few weeks before Europeans. I just hope these few days will be enough for me to rest so that we can continue our competition tour. I really like Graz so we are looking forward to this one too. After that, we plan to go straight to Lienz and spend there a week of training for Europeans. I hope water level will be optimal so we can go on fully.

See you on the river.


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