Tuesday, 31 July 2012


After the European Championships we took a break. Peter needed to recover and I just needed a break to gain new energy. I decided not to participate in the competition in Wildalpen, because it was just a week after Lienz and Peter wasn´t able to paddle. The next weekend a white water festival in Cunovo took place, in our local water course. One part of it was a freestyle event which we organized. Peter didn’t compete so he had time to organize the event. We figured out a special rule for this event to have more fun. It was a small competition but with very good paddlers and good feeling. I scored first place. The winner of the mens category was Honza Spindler. We also did a kayak cross, in which I scored first. The following weekend we attended Czech freestyle kayak championships in Prague. We went there after a longer break. Local kayakers rebuild their playspot in the white water course Troja. We weren´t sure if we should go, because of  Peter´s injury. Then he decided to come with me and help with judging instead of competing. We came in friday evening and I had a short training session to get use to that hole. I was very surprised how good it was. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a good feeling to have something different to paddle after spending almost the whole season in Lienz and Cunovo. The event started slowly. I did my prelim rides and judged mens. Prague is well known for its ZOO. It is just a few meters away from the white water course. We went there for lunch and took a short walk in it. I think our dog Puko liked it most! Mens semifinal was in the afternoon, after it we enjoyed partying with our friends. All the finals were scheduled for the next day. I had good rides and took first place with higher score difference. Peter was sad that he couldn’t compete so he took part in a fun competition on an inflatable duo kayak. The point was to surf the hole with this kayak and do something spectacular to impress the judges. Peter performed a handstand in the kayak, that move guaranteed him the first place. The prize we got was this kayak! I think this is an amazing prize. It is not really for white water but I already took my brother on the lake with it. Now we have just one week left, until we leave to the USA for World Cup. Wish us luck, especially for Peter, because he is still not fit. We will keep you updated.

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