Thursday, 25 April 2013

Short pause in my season

It was a longer time we did any update. We wasn't competing on any competition but there are definitely some news going on.
So last few months we have been preparing our selfs for the upcoming season. We have been paddling twice day , Nina because of school sometimes little less, but we did push a lot. We have been biking a lot mostly not long distances but 45min to the course with my dog on the shoulders and than after training we went back home. I felt in really good shape! Unfortunately last week just when the wetter decided to be super hot and the conditions are just perfect I was injured again. Hmm This one was quiet painful. We was testing me and Nina for the maximum  performance in gym. I did not made any mistake, I did warm up , I started with low weights and went up slowly. Unfortunately on 130 kg which I already tried many times, my  pecs broke. When the muscle breaks it is the worst feeling I ever had... In the first moment I was thinking that my season is over. From this stress and from the pain I did not feel the 130kg on my chest at all, even I had to wait till few guys run over to me to pull it up. So I found my self in hospital for few days again. I am lucky that I know the best doctor in the world and he made the magnetic resonance as fast as it was possible so we became some more informations about the damage I made. So this way I would love to thank him for this.
Now I am at home training Nina each day mostly twice a day. I am also already training my self, but don't worry not the injured parts. I am only biking on ergometer so I am not using my left arm and some small exercises for another parts of my body.
Its a bit sad but I am still in positive mod, because my doc told me that I was lucky and I didn't need the operation. It is broken a lot it even moved down but It will scarf and heal in about 4-5 weeks instead of 4-6 months and the hematom will disappear. Instead of training I have now little more time for fun and I also made a small clip with Nina. So check it out

We also did some exhibitions for kindergarden which was pretty fun.
Over the weekend we will have the opening of the season on our white water course, something like a festival and we will be as guests there for medias and people for book signing!

So don't worry I will be back soon and even better!

See you 

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