Thursday, 23 May 2013

Czech championship in Pilsen.

This weekend we headed west to Czech industrial city Pilsen. 
Local kayakers has build a artificial playspot at the old Mill. It is quite unique construction with very specific hole.
Pilsen is not that far from German border so few Germans, one Austrian and even one British paddler, took part in this small “local” event. 
As I have mention Pilsen’s  playspot  is very specific. It is powerful and tricky. You can paddle 30 minutes and you are dead for rest of the day :)
It was very good opportunity to train in different hole however it was quite frustrating sometimes.
Saturday started with all the prelims. I started also in mens category to have more starts in one day. I finished first in woman category and somewhere around 20th place in mens. 
Actually I was quite nervous because I could do only my basic moves as loop, cartwheels or splitwheels. I practiced my phonic monkeys and mc nasties but I wasn’t able to stick it in the hole. At least I saw that guys had big problems to stick it there as well.
Sunday morning has finals started. I tried to do my best but I did only my basic routine and than I flashed with every attempt of phonic monkeys. Other girls paddled good too and at the end three of us had almost the same score. I missed the first place only by 5 points! This year it is already second second place for me. Hopefully I can change it and take gold medal home too. So will it be in two weeks in Lienz? Keep the fingers crossed for me!
See you!

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