Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Helliwelli freestyle event

Hi all. After some weeks doing some biking and training we went to my first competition this year. This time we went for the Salza - Austrian championship at Helliwelli. Helli made the wave him self for the kayakers to train and of course for this one day in year, the championship. We have been at Salza few times this year but I couldn't train yet.
The hole is really great! Its probably possible to do everything there and it also feels strong.
At saturday was the day with big "D". Nina and me we also have been judging the competition so it was full on. In the quali I did Ok and finished on the 1st place , behind me was Marcel Bloder from Austria and than Martin Koll from Germany. Nina did also great she won the quali. After some break we had the semis where I also manage to finish on the first place with Martin behind my back. After that was woman finals where Nina had really good first ride so she stayed at the first place. Second place took the Corrine from Austria and 3rd was Luci from CZE. In the men finals I also did ok and finished 1st, 2nd was Jan Spindler CZE and 3rd was Martin Koll GER. I was pretty stoked that I started my season so well because I still have problems with my injury , many times I had to really focus to not feel too much pain because than I cant go for my 100%. 
The atmosphere was awesome too, with all our friends!
After the competition we stayed foe few more days kayaking and biking every day to get even better shape.
Next stop is the Fridrichshaffen and The Adidas outdoor show!
See you 

Here is a small combo move from my rides :)          

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