Sunday, 1 April 2007

Kuchl wave sessions

The "closest" ( 400km ) wave from Slovakia is the Kuchl wave. This year we was there 2 times. First time was little bit snow and cold but the second wave was running. Second time the second one just only in Friday and then mostly the first one. But still it is fun. Nina and my self we met there whit the Czech people like Jiri Langer , Jan Spindler and his father. Playboating session was perfect , weather was OK too. Another perfect weekend.
Here are some pictures from Jirka Langer and the movie clip is coming soon.
Peter & Nina

Jan Spindler - working on the blunts

me at Cali roll

"Little Hercules" Nina blunting

Jan tying the Project

Hey guys that's a woman

me at the pistol flip

Jirka Langer - he was a photographer

Night party in Caravan near the wave

Kuchl in night

photographers : Jirka Langer, Nina Halasova , me
Thanks for the pictures

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