Monday, 24 March 2008

Eastern paddling on the Plattling wave

It was a hard decision to go to train at the eastern. Every were was snowing and freezing cold , max temperatures was about 3 degrees sometimes freezing. We met there Honza Spindler , Lukas Cervinka and also with Honzas dad.

Nina and me

It was nice water level , but really cold. Nina and me we had really cool drysuits from Palm and after 2 hour paddling we still was dry , awesome!!!

It was difficult to kayak when you wearing so much stuff on you now , we just came back from Africa where we kayak the waves and almost naked and now you need to wear everything to be warm. Nina was doing really good , she is in form and it is just start of the session.

Nina practising

Lukas Cervinka

Vladimir Cako

Honza Spindler

After paddling we was chilling , watching movies and eating good foot in the RV.

Next day we spend another 2 hour in the freezing water and then back home. On the way back we stoped for half hour to kayak on the snow on a little hill for fun and made some nice pictures.

We can’t wait to go somewere else to kayak.

See you on the river

Peter & Nina

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Saša said...

Caute, tak vy ste boli na Plattlingu a este ste aj stretli mojho brasku? Nabuduce vezmite aj mna prosiim :)) Capko ma super ciapku :))
Musite mi pomoct, vcera som poslala svoje kratucke snowboardove videjko do sutaze o vylet na Island a potrebujem co najviac klikov, tak si to pls pozrite a ospravedlnte zhorsenu kvalitu, neviem preco to tak uploadli...