Thursday, 20 March 2008

Uganda 2008

Two months spent in Uganda were awesome holidays. Sun, waves any stress… great rest for us! Ok but just mental rest because we trained almost every day two time a day on Nile special. When we arrived water level was really high, higher than last year. Because of it Nile special was running whole day. First day when we arrived to camp Hairy lemon was a big birthday party of one Canadian girl and everyone had to wear like bitches or bullys. Really funny to see guys in females underwear like strings… But we was very tired from flight, transport and paddling so we couldn’t enjoyed whole party but it wasn’t last party and we had many opportunities during our staying in Hairy Lemon.

Max's snap after volleyball turnament and bottle of local alcohol:)

Pops, cute dog, guard of Hairy Lemon

So in high water was Nile special really good. In the morning it was great, it was bouncy for a good air and you could stick every trick there and you didn’t need rope to get there. In the evening there was more foam and it was like bigger hole but still for every trick. We spent on wave at least 4 hours every day and if we weren’t there we were playing volleyball or just chillouting.
me in air

peter in air

When you was bored from wave you could play in this small hole, which was in camp.

Ben Marr doing cartwheels
but wave was awesome!
Me, working on blunt

Couple of time we have ran day two section. Nice part of river with good rapids, big waves. It starts with cool waterfall Kallagala. It look as a huge drop, not really friendly but in real it is a funny waterfall but only if you run a right line.

When we ran it second time, we had a biggest water level in 5 years. It wasn’t more difficult but unfortunately I broke my brand new paddle. I did hand roll so I didn’t swim but I cat little bit my hand. Peter was a gentleman and borrowed me his paddle and he paddled whole section with my broken one blade paddle. In rapid hero of the dog the whole stream was following to left channel and he almost felt there, it is with many siphons, quite unrunable. In last seconds he made it and ran left side of right channel but it also wasn’t a good way. He ended up in big hole with paddle with one blade! I don’t know how but after longer time he went out fortunately still in kayak. After this stressfull trip we wanted to have a breake for rest of the day but water was still rising and we guessed that Malalu wave is good. It wasn’t running for 3 or more years so we took this chance and went there. We were a bigger group of 10 people. We ordered a matatu (local taxi) just on way back. We got there on boats. Oh it was a long way! 45 min of flat water high temp paddling. Malalu was a friendly, wide wave good for long rides. We were really happy that we were there because it was only day when it was running.

sometimes you can find snakes in camp

After a couple weeks of daily paddling on Nile special we went to Bujagali(60km upstream from Nile special) to run day one section. This section is shorter than day two section but more funny. Especially silverback rapid does. Because of dam which is there because of building power station. Whole river flows to one narrow channel. Huge waves and nasty eddy with many wirpools. Stay in main flow was the best thing what you could to do.

I took some toys from my brother gave it to local childrens in Bujagali.

Derik like small toy car

In Bujagali we spent one week. I really like it there. You can eat as much food as you want, and it is really good and cheap not like in Hairy lemon. And there are normal flushing toilets and showers. Also if you like party you can enjoy it in NRE or just go to the Jinja with boda-boda motorcycles.

Bujagali Chapaty-good food, cheap price

We bought a candys for local childrens

When we came back to Hairy lemon water level was lower but still good. In the morning it was more flushy and you needed rope also in the evening. Until we left water didn’t go up. But for us it was still a kayak paradise.

Me, trying back step and peter's clean blunt

my air blunt to left side

and right side

peter's super nice pistol flip

I write this article from home and I am so sad that I am not in Uganda right now.

I am looking forward to go there next year. But I really wish to have in Hairy lemon better food because every time we lost there many kilograms!!!!

For more fotos check older articles.

See you on watter.

Bye Nina

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