Friday, 3 October 2008

Adidas sickline day 2

Today at 9-12 was the training for the saturday finals at the Welle Brucke race course. Just top 50 men was able to have a training there. Today the weather wasnt that good , it was about 5-10 deg. and because everyone whanted to have much training runs as possible the line for start was so long. Sometimes we wait 20 min for the start. Staying and waiting the line wasnt comfotable , but when you was at the start on the rock , it was a sick feeling. Unfortunatelly I dont have any pictures because it was raining whole day. At 13:30 was the boatercross race. In this race compete just 50 paddlers wich didnt made the finals on the Welle brucke at saturday. Here are some more articles and results from the race adidas-sickline
Tommorow is the day ''D''. The finals will be very interested.

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